Today's Opinions

  • Aug. 10, 2014: Our readers write

    Kentucky DUI laws need to be changed

    To anyone concerned with protecting innocent travelers on Kentucky roadways, or to anyone who grieves over the Taylor and Harig families’ recent tragedies. We need to push for tougher laws for multiple DUI offenders and we need to do it now.

  • Remember this sacrifice

    ISSUE: The death of firefighter Jonathan French
    OUR VIEW: Find a way to express your appreciation

    A call in the middle of the night seldom means good news.

    For first responders, emergency calls are common at all hours. Our bad news is their service opportunity.

  • Aug. 8, 2014: Our readers write

    Speaking up for sheriff candidate

    Over the years, I have had several brief and incidental encounters with Harry Braxton, and have found him to be the kind of person I would very much like to have as a friend, despite the differences in our ages. I am much older than he, but have found him to be honorable, courteous and friendly.

  • Aug. 7, 2014: Our readers write

    Rand Paul needs to woo black voters

  • A new employer and new neighbor

    ISSUE: Selling the municipal water system
    Decision benefits both entities

    Welcome, Quest Industries.

  • Students, teachers: Embrace challenge of school year

    TOPIC: Beginning a new school year
    OUR VIEW: Potential to excel is within each student

    The sight of youngsters hauling backpacks to bus stops in the early morning hours, school buses on the roadways and tests and quizzes take full flight today as Hardin County Schools and Elizabethtown Independent Schools begin a new year.

  • Aug. 6, 2014: Our readers write

    Concerned about Fort Knox’s future

    When it was first announced the U.S. Army Armor School was moving to Fort Benning, Georgia, I wrote a letter to The News-Enterprise and said we would lose the Patton Museum and that with nothing unique about Fort Knox, it was in danger of closure during the next BRAC.

  • Aug. 5, 2014: Our readers write

    Further explaining his position

    The writer of the July 11 Opinion letter referring to my decision to not attend the Sept. 20 NAACP event at Fort Knox confirmed that I made the right decision. She politically twisted my very easy to understand explanation for not attending.