Today's Opinions

  • Proposed pipeline creates entanglement

    ISSUE: Bluegrass Pipeline proposal
    OUR VIEW: No simple solution in sight

    Plans to develop the Bluegrass Pipeline to transport 200,000 gallons or more of natural gas liquids through the area have raised some alarm and some alarmists.

    With information flowing at the speed of the Internet, sometimes it’s difficult to tell which is which.

  • Better Business Bureau: Shop smart, spend less on back to school

    With school bells ringing, now is the time to take advantage of annual back-to-school specials on supplies. Whether you plan to shop at your favorite retail store or in the drawers and closets of your home, Better Business Bureau recommends sticking to a budget to avoid the common overspending on school supplies.

  • Aug. 11, 2013: Our readers write

    A pipeline into pockets

    A group of individuals gathered in Frankfort this week to protest the running of a pipeline by Williams pipeline company through central Kentucky. The protesters intentions were to have the governor block the use of eminent domain to seize their property. Their stated concerns revolved around environmental issues and loss of use of their own property.

  • A voice from the darkness makes a simple request

    Driving on an unfamiliar stretch of interstate outside an unfamiliar Ohio city, a decision was made to steer off onto a dimly lit street.

    It was just before midnight about a week ago. The immediate destination was the familiar yellow-and-black Waffle House sign glowing near the exit. Nothing else seemed to be open at that hour.

    Pulling into the parking lot, it seemed important to park near the entrance and the light escaping from the restaurant windows. I remember looking for a perfect spot, not too close to someone else’s car that might be bumped.

  • Alternative birth center fails to demonstrate need

    ISSUE: State rejects birthing center request
    OUR VIEW: Process requires proving need

    After examining a business plan, taking testimony from opponents and advocates and analyzing all that data, the state review panel rejected a certificate of need application for the Visitation Birth and Family Wellness Center proposed for Elizabethtown.

  • Two Views: Proposal will introduce underground hazards


    Something wicked this way comes to Hardin County. Represented by a firm that employs our governor’s son and cloaked with smiles and promises, the Bluegrass Pipeline is ready to ooze dark miasma into our beloved Hardin County ground, water and air. It is recommended by people who have no allegiance to place, or reason for being here, but to profit themselves and their shareholders.

  • Two Views: Pipeline can be an important to Kentucky’s economic future


    Learning that a new underground pipeline may be coming through Kentucky has some folks asking questions. What are the risks? What about my land? What about the environmental impact? These are just a few things Kentuckians have a right to know about the proposed Bluegrass Pipeline Project.

  • Make enjoyment a goal for school

    ISSUE: Back to school

    OUR VIEW: Here’s hoping everyone is ready

    You know summer is winding down when you start seeing back-to-school ads in the paper. Yes, we’ve had an eventful summer but now it’s time to get back to the books.