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  • March 23, 2014: Our readers write

    Special privileges given to a few
    Two small but disconcerting occurrences took place during the Elizabethtown City Council meeting of March 17. Both smack of an air of privilege.

    The first was an announcement by the director of The Historic State Theater that from hereon free tickets would be awaiting the mayor and city council members should they wish to attend an event at the theater.

  • March 21, 2014: Our readers write

    Sees great value in local sales tax

    Our system of government is rooted in the principles of representation and accountability. As a nation, we abhor endless taxation as much as our Founding Fathers detested lifetime monarchs and dictators.  Kentuckians also recognize that the most responsible form of government starts not in Frankfort or Washington, D.C., but in our own communities. The local option sales tax embodies these ideals in the most fundamental ways.

  • Responding to the new Fort Knox

    ISSUE: Frequent changes at Fort Knox
    OUR VIEW: Adjusting to today's opportunities

    As a reflection of change in the U.S. Army and the national economy, Fort Knox has seen a variety of changes over the last seven years.

    The impact of base realignment brought the Accessions Command and the Human Resource Command to replace the Armor School as the centerpiece of the post.

    As the Army continues to evolve and look for ways to improve its fiscal responsibility, the Accessions Command was disbanded.

  • Disparity in fees should not be

    ISSUE: Local cities report on alcohol revenues
    All should have access to regulatory fees

    Alcoholic Beverage Control Administrator Tom Reynolds recently reported the City of Elizabethtown collected more than $955,000 in regulatory fees in 2013. That figure grew from more than $800,000 in license and regulatory fees collected on the sale of alcohol in the city last year. That’s a sizeable increase in revenues.

  • Retail Federation challenges proposed 1 percent local tax

    The Kentucky House of Representatives is considering HB 399 to allow local governments to impose up to a 1 percent local sales tax. The Kentucky Retail Federation has serious concerns about the proposal’s impact on Kentucky’s businesses and consumers as well as the commonwealth itself.

  • Other school districts hope to mimic HCS

    ISSUE:  Excellence in early childood education

    OUR VIEW: HCS’ North Park serves as an example

    Here’s something you probably learned in kindergarten: Sometimes, it’s difficult to appreciate the full value of what we have until someone else wants it.

    A number of Kentucky school district administrators and teachers want to achieve the excellence provided by the Hardin County Schools’ early childhood education program.

  • Building on progress while investing for the future

    Kentucky’s lawmakers have created a strong foundation for the state’s early childhood education and development programs. Now, they have the opportunity to ensure continued and meaningful progress in this vital area in the budget they will enact for 2014-2016.

  • Champions in our hearts

    ISSUE:  EHS Lady Panthers finish second at state
    OUR VIEW: Accomplishments will be remembered