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  • Next mayor must keep E'town moving

    Issue: Choosing Elizabethtown's next mayor
    Our View: Appointee should press on

    On Monday, Elizabethtown City Council will convene for the first time since Mayor Tim Walker’s unexpected death.

    The council members face a critical decision. They must choose Elizabethtown’s interim mayor in fewer than 30 days or Gov. Steve Beshear will.

  • June 19, 2013: Our Readers Write

    Finding a four-legged friend

    I very recently adopted a mixed breed dog from the Hardin County Animal Shelter. This has been one of the greatest moments of my life, besides getting married and having my child. Initially I went into the shelter one weekend, just to look around and visit the pets.

  • Walker a friend to military and all

    By Col. Bruce Jenkins

    An impactful man and a humble servant. That is how I will forever remember Tim Walker, the great mayor of Elizabethtown.

    He was a true friend of the military. In fact, hardly a week would go by without me seeing him because of his committed interest in strengthening partnerships between the Elizabethtown and Fort Knox communities.

  • June 18, 2013: Our readers write

    Walker family appreciates community support

    To Our Family of Elizabethtown:

    Today, her husband, our father, our uncle, our cousin, our granddad, our son, our leader, and our best friend will be laid to rest.

  • Pats on the back and other praise

    ISSUE: Good news all around us

    OUR VIEW: Fine things going on

    When it comes to girls’ track and field this year, nobody did it better in Kentucky in Class 3-A than North Hardin High School sophomore Kianna Gray.

    At last month’s state meet in Louisville, Gray captured the 100-meter hurdles and the 100 and 200 dashes and finished third in the 400 dash.

  • Farewell to a friend

    At his high school reunion, Tim Walker reconnected with several classmates who spent their adult lives out of state. Most had the same question.

    "Tim Walker is the mayor of Elizabethtown?”

    The surprise in their voices apparently amused him. Walker did something in life that many people never accomplish: He rose above the limits his hometown placed on him.

    He set different expectations for himself.

    Actually, Tim’s personal aspirations were derived from a sense of duty and faith.

  • Congress needs to learn how to make policy again

    I've noticed a recurring question as I talk to people about Congress. What can be done, they wonder, to get Congress back on track? Is our national legislature capable of serious policy making?

    At a time when polls say jobs and the economy are Americans’ chief concern, Congress has not passed a single piece of economic legislation. Instead, it’s focused on investigations. It’s an institution with very little to show for its efforts.

  • Dads can be supportive, even when they are apprehensive

    Children start out very fragile and helpless.