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  • Feb. 5, 2014: Our readers write

    Consider remarks of candidates

    I read with interest The News-Enterprise articles advising the public Judge-Executive Harry Berry filed to seek another term and several days later that Mayor J.J. Duvall of Radcliff also filed the necessary documents to run for judge-executive. Two other people have since filed for that office, but my comments only pertain to these two candidates.

  • Hard to feel good about this spotlight on Kentucky
  • I-65 improvements remain vital issue

    ISSUE: Funding for I-65 widening work
    OUR VIEW: Stay focused on its importance

    Until a highway project makes its way into the state's six-year road plan, it has little hope of ever happening.

    But getting there is no guarantee of completion either.

  • E’town voters would benefit from primary
  • Feb. 4, 2014: Our readers write

    Exhibit respect by restoring pay

    Throughout recorded history, civilizations that messed with the pay of their armies eventually were overthrown by that army. No one expects or advocates for that to be done in the USA.

  • National arrest data should be alarming

    ISSUE: Young men often have arrest records
    OUR VIEW: Looking for a better way forward

    While it must have been a unique task for a police officer to arrest the most recognizable teen in North America, Justin Beiber — who police say was speeding in a Lamborghini and failed field sobriety tests — taking in a 19-year-old is all too common, a new study indicates.

  • It can be fun watching election race develop

    The wizard warned Dorothy and her odd band of Oz visitors to ignore the man behind the curtain. But when it comes to understanding and enjoying local politics, I consider the backstage intrigue as much fun as the public outcome.

    Take the recent candidate filings in Radcliff, for example.

    A lot of folks were watching Mayor J.J. Duvall. Would he seek a second term or act on ambition and file to challenge Harry Berry for the judge-executive job?

  • Dealing with debt at HMH

    ISSUE: Hospital bad debt, charity care grows
    OUR VIEW: Understanding is not fixing the issue

    The service has been provided. The bill has been sent. The payment is due. Then overdue. And, eventually, past due.

    Anyone in a service business has seen that happen. But few businesses sustain $25 million in bad debt.

    Hardin Memorial Hospital is experiencing ballooning bad debt, which is a byproduct, in part, of changing insurance practices.