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  • What's in a name? It's a topic that might not matter

    One thing that advocates, opponents and the indifferent can agree upon: The topic of local government unification has produced plenty of conversation. Most of which start with questions.

    How would it work? Who will benefit? What about the restaurant tax? Will it impact alcohol sales? Will it save money? Will it be more efficient? Who raised this idea in the first place? Do we need a merger? Why? Why not?

  • Aug. 26, 2011: Our readers write

    Stand up for coal
    A few days ago, President Barack Obama told an audience at the Northeast Iowa Community College in Peosta, Iowa, “There are some boneheaded things the government is doing that need to be fixed.” I definitely agree with that and I think a lot of The News-Enterprise readers can agree with that as well. And he went on to say, “Government can make a difference.” I think we can agree with that, provided those in government who can make a difference, will.

  • Hardin County Schools celebrate alumni success

    The issue: Hardin County Schools honor eight
    Our view: Well-rounded and impressive class

    The 2011 inductees into the Hardin County Schools Distinguished Alumni are as impressive as those who have been honored before them.

  • Avoiding delay

    ISSUE: HCU suggests conditional approval
    OUR VIEW: Advocates act with integrity

    Confusion about a state law that’s the foundation for local talk of government unification came up at Tuesday’s Hardin Fiscal Court meeting.

    Fiscal Court members agreed that residents of all existing cities should have the right to stay as they are. Magistrates reject the idea of any community being forced into a larger unified government by the votes of the county at-large.

  • Aug. 25, 2011: Our readers write

    Satire on display
    On the Aug. 18 Opinion page of The News-Enterprise, a letter said, “Senator Michael Bennet (D-Colo) has stated, ‘Even if a so-called ineligible person (unregistered American, illegal immigrant) casts a ballot, is that really so bad? Shouldn't every living person be entitled to vote for who will rule over him?’ A U.S. senator speaking on behalf of violating our laws.”

  • Well-defined rules vital to unification debate

    Beginning this week, Hardin County United will make formal presentations to local governments on the subject of unification. The informal organization’s volunteer members also have about two dozen presentations scheduled before civic clubs and community organizations.

    The challenge before them is significant. It was sharply defined when the Radcliff City Council took a stand against the idea before an appointment could be scheduled for a formal presentation.

    It appears unity can be a divisive topic.

  • Aug. 23, 2011: Our readers write

    What a difference a week makes
    I left town for a week. When I returned, I picked up the stack of News-Enterprise papers to catch up on local happenings. The first paper I look at, Aug. 14, had quite a surprise regarding the Y.E.S. petition I signed several months ago.

  • Jail aggressively responds to suspicions

    The issue: Deputy jailer arrested on bribery charges
    Our view: Two incidents don't mean all is bad