Today's Opinions

  • May 20, 2011: Our readers write

    Un-COLA in 2012
    In 2012 senior citizens will receive a small cost-of-living-adjustment; however, the cost of Medicare also will increase, which means seniors will not have received a COLA for three years despite the ever-increasing cost of gasoline, medical services and groceries, etc.
    The government has taken a lot more than money from senior citizens. It has taken a piece of their pride, their hope for having a little left over each month to make improvements on their home and other necessities.

  • Hooray for Heroes

    As May winds down, many thoughts turn to Memorial Day and the meaning behind that holiday. However, another significant holiday takes place each May, giving us another opportunity to recognize and honor our uniformed heroes: Armed Forces Day.

  • Light voter turnout equates to turning backs on freedom

    If you are one of 6,148 Hardin County residents who voted Tuesday, we salute you.

    If you were one of the 53,206 registered and eligible who avoided the polls yesterday, we encourage you to remain engaged in the election process.

    If you are one of several thousand voting-age adults who is not registered, we challenge you to take this freedom seriously.

  • Otter Creek is a treasure once again available

    The woodsy hiking area known for more than 70 years as Otter Creek Park has reopened and been rechristened as Otter Creek Outdoor Recreational Area. Besides its new name, the attraction has changed guardianship moving from jurisdiction of the Louisville park system to the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources.
    The park closed in December 2008 because Metro Louisville cut budgets when city leaders decided it could no longer afford to maintain the 200-plus acre facility.

  • Pornography disrupts real-life intimacy

    Why did the news that the Osama bin Laden’s residence contained a sizable amount of pornography grab our attention?

    After all, our culture is saturated with pornography. It’s everywhere. It's even an accepted part of life for much of society.  

  • May 17, 2011: Our readers write

    Questions in
    the aftermath
     While I’m glad that Osama bin Laden is dead, not enough “Hell” is being raised. Our Navy violated Pakistani airspace and killed him in a high profile structure near that nation’s capital city. Suppose George W. Bush had done this? Pakistani officials knew long ago where bin Laden was and Hillary Clinton even commended them for their “cooperation.”

  • New generation introduces new enjoyment

    It was not supposed to happen.

    I was against it. Firmly, against it. I didn’t like it, I didn’t believe in it and I didn’t want to be a part of it.

    But now I’m in. Even before the first day of summer, I already have filled several weekends and a few evenings watching youth soccer.

    It doesn’t sound like a big deal. But an aversion to the soccer culture could be a generational bias. Growing up in Vine Grove about five decades ago, soccer was not on the radar.

  • Stray animals deserve public’s best effort

    WANTED: A large building that can house Hardin County’s growing stray animal population so there won’t be another 2,300 dogs and cats euthanized like last year. Also, some land around the building to let the animals run around and have some fun would be nice as well.
    These are difficult times for the Hardin County Animal Control facility on Nicholas Street in Elizabethtown. The county’s continued growth is not without an increased pet population that needs help.