Today's Opinions

  • 'Structurally balanced'

    The much-touted economic recovery from the Great Recession still is tricking down to Kentucky, but here in Hardin County, fiscally conservative Judge-Executive Harry Berry has presented another “structurally balanced” budget for the new fiscal year which begins July 1.

    The $29 million spending plan continues county services at current levels and leaves tax rates unchanged. The plan is, Berry says, the second lowest in 20 years.

  • Our readers write: May 22, 2001

    Half-hearted honors
    After removing the flag, flag pole, M-4 tank and unit memorials from Brooks Field, icons which have been there for almost 70 years, one would wonder: What is Fort Knox thinking.
    Then comes the Kentucky Derby.
    In a recent Turret, there are two pictures with soldiers. One has the caption: “A soldier stands guard while the Kentucky Derby Gold Cup was viewed by fans.”

  • Time to revisit the beginning

    By AL RIDER, guest columnist

  • Seeing our hometown from one newcomer's perspective

    It's wonderful when someone just opens up, volunteers from their heart and shares fresh insight on familiar subjects.

    It happened for me last week in the most unexpected circumstance.

    Driving along the east end of Ring Road on a misty, overcast Wednesday evening, I spotted a man in the middle of the road. While dressed for the soggy weather, he also navigated this walk in the center turn lane with a black, metal cane.

  • May 20, 2011: Our readers write

    Un-COLA in 2012
    In 2012 senior citizens will receive a small cost-of-living-adjustment; however, the cost of Medicare also will increase, which means seniors will not have received a COLA for three years despite the ever-increasing cost of gasoline, medical services and groceries, etc.
    The government has taken a lot more than money from senior citizens. It has taken a piece of their pride, their hope for having a little left over each month to make improvements on their home and other necessities.

  • Hooray for Heroes

    As May winds down, many thoughts turn to Memorial Day and the meaning behind that holiday. However, another significant holiday takes place each May, giving us another opportunity to recognize and honor our uniformed heroes: Armed Forces Day.

  • Light voter turnout equates to turning backs on freedom

    If you are one of 6,148 Hardin County residents who voted Tuesday, we salute you.

    If you were one of the 53,206 registered and eligible who avoided the polls yesterday, we encourage you to remain engaged in the election process.

    If you are one of several thousand voting-age adults who is not registered, we challenge you to take this freedom seriously.

  • Otter Creek is a treasure once again available

    The woodsy hiking area known for more than 70 years as Otter Creek Park has reopened and been rechristened as Otter Creek Outdoor Recreational Area. Besides its new name, the attraction has changed guardianship moving from jurisdiction of the Louisville park system to the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources.
    The park closed in December 2008 because Metro Louisville cut budgets when city leaders decided it could no longer afford to maintain the 200-plus acre facility.