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  • Tornadoes fall upon the just and the unjust

    Two old codgers decided to make a trip to California. On the way, they stopped at the Grand Canyon. Staring down at the Colorado River 6,000 feet below, gazing at the far side of the canyon 18 miles away, awestruck by the canyon’s multi-colored layers of rock, the two men stood speechless.

    Finally, one said, “Sumpum musta happened here.”

    Yep. It took several million years, but something indeed happened there. And it’s a beautiful display, many would say, of God’s handiwork in nature.

  • June 6, 2011: Our readers write

    P’Pool for attorney general
    You have to admit “P’Pool” is an uncommon name.  It is only right that it should belong to an uncommon man who  as attorney general finally will defend the people of Kentucky from the Beltway bureaucrats of the Obama regime.  If elected, Todd P’Pool has promised to add Kentucky to the states challenging Obamacare in federal court.  

  • Don't forget about memorization

    For all the new high school graduates and for any other Kentuckian who wants to play along, here’s a quiz.

    Take a blank map of Kentucky with the county outlines. We’ve provided a copy for you here.

    Now, spend 30 minutes writing the county names in the 120 blank spaces.

    In the meantime, I’ll talk about the lost art of memorization.

    As we emphasize the value of understanding and applying knowledge, sometimes the value of learning by rote has been de-emphasized.

  • June 5, 2011: Our readers write

    Majority rules
    In a democratic republic such as ours, the majority rules, right? That certainly seems to be the argument quickly made nearly every time someone is offended when our “Christian nation” principles are challenged by non-Christian or nonreligious people, whether it is a matter of the Pledge of Allegiance in schools or fighting within religious or other groups over issues such as  same-sex marriages, abortion and other topics pundits love to divide us on.

  • A helping hand that needs help

    To donate to the American Red Cross, go to www.redcross.org

    TOPIC: American Red Cross
    OUR VIEW: Time to help here at home

    In Alabama, a wave of tornadoes ripped through town after town, scattering everything in their path.
    Along the Mississippi River, heavy and relentless downpours left the river swollen and unable to handle the massive amount of rainfall, sending overflowing water into towns.
    In Joplin, Mo., building after building was shredded by a devastating tornado, leveling homes, businesses and schools.

  • June 3, 2011: Our readers write

    On sandhill cranes

  • Graduation: One of life's most significant transitions

    As the Class of 2011 takes its first steps into a new world of challenges, congratulations are in order.

    For the graduates, it seems like a relief. The hours of classroom study, homework and research are in the past. No more tests, no more term papers and no more textbooks.

    But the true tests and the real work lies ahead.

    Consider this: Thirteen years ago when most of this year’s high school graduates were anticipating their first tentative steps into kindergarten, other hopeful young people were celebrating graduation.

  • June 2, 2011: Our readers write

    Going above and beyond
    After the month of May when the lower half of Hawkins Drive was submerged, not a mailbox to be seen nor traffic sign, I would like to give a heartfelt thanks for one individual who truly believes “come rain or sleet or snow, the mail shall be delivered.” Mrs. Janet Banks.