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  • Oct. 23, 2013: Our readers write

    Another school shooting

  • Oct. 22, 2013: Our readers write

    Don’t be a hero

    In defense of Karen Sizemore, I think it was very unfair of Lowe’s to fire her for pursuing a shoplifting suspect. Karen had worked for Lowe’s for 18 years and these 18 years should account for something. I have to wonder if there were other motives for Lowe’s decision to fire her. Perhaps she had build up a lot of vacation time and other benefits and Lowe’s just figured it would be better for them financially to just fire the 55-year-old employee.

  • Same tongue that sings praises can spread gossip

    She lowered her eyes as if she were too ashamed to look at me. Her quivering voice revealed the emotional pain she was experiencing: “Pastor, what those people are saying about me just isn’t true.”

  • All shook up and handshakes

    ISSUE: KHSAA directive on post-game handshakes

    OrUR VIEW: Shake on

  • Lessons played on a bedroom turntable

    Watching grandchildren excel at the latest video games, relying on “bed-night movies” to wind down before sleep and thriving on music-on-demand services, it’s clear growing up is different.

    A 2-year-old can torture you with DVR storage devoted to “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” episodes. A grown man can only take so many scenes with Donald Duck and Goofy pleading, “Oh, Toodles!”

  • Oct. 18, 2013: Our readers write

    Movie not about Fonda

    This is a sincere thank you to the Historic State Theater for showing “Lee Daniels’ The Butler.”

    This movie is not about Jane Fonda or Vietnam. This movie is about how the evil of discrimination reached into the highest level of our government: and needs to be seen by all, young and old. 

  • USA Cares creates a national legacy

    ISSUE: 10 years of USA Cares
    A vital service to military families

  • Impact of ECTC

    ISSUE: College success stories
    OUR VIEW: Value is obvious

    Since its founding in 1964, Elizabethtown Community College and now Elizabethtown Community and Technical College, has provided access to higher education for thousands of people across its 12-county service area.

    The ECTC campus and its mission have expanded over the years as has its impact and influence. Many of this area’s leaders can trace their path to success back to the community college.