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  • Leaving high school and moving forward

    ISSUE: Graduation has arrived
    Boldly step into the future

  • May 22, 2013: Our readers write

    In the news

  • May 21, 2013: Our readers write

    McConnell wrong on background checks

    In a recent survey, 82 percent of Kentucky voters supported background checks on gun purchases.

    The loopholes must be closed to provide greater security to Kentucky and the rest of our great nation. The gun industry has spent over $198,000 in helping to get Mitch McConnell elected to office. Elected officials should not be bought.

  • How I became a tree hugger

    “What are you doing, Dad?” my son asked when he called me on his cell phone.

    I was sitting on our back patio, admiring the work I’d done, having just planted the first third of my garden with the non-genetically modified seeds I had oh-so carefully selected. I wanted to come as close as I could to having an organic garden.

    Then just as I as I leaned back to relax, I stood up straight, squinting at the tractor spraying the field behind my house. It was coming closer and closer to my garden.

  • Deserving of high praise

    ISSUE: Honoring many

    OUR VIEW: Student athletes, Hosparus, Relay

    We’re going to toot our horn a little here and that of many, many others.

    The second Select Preps banquet was held at Severns Valley Baptist Church in Elizabethtown, culminating several months of work by newspaper employees, area coaches, athletic directors and student-athletes. Dozens of businesses saw the worthiness of honoring some of our future leaders and served as sport or event sponsors.

  • May 19, 2013: Our readers write

    May: A celebration of service

    Over the years, the month of May has become a time for honoring and remembering men and women who served our nation. The month of May includes Military Spouse Appreciation Day on May 10, Armed Forces Day on May18, Memorial Day on May 27; and, in 1999, Congress designated the entire month of May as Military Appreciation Month.

  • Drawing insight from a coach's childhood story

    A couple weeks ago, I had never heard of Ken Lolla. Since his speech at the Select Preps banquet nine days ago, his words keep bouncing around in my head.

    Lolla is the men’s soccer coach for the University of Louisville. He’s also a father of three, a motivational speaker, the author of a children’s book and is developing into a brand name. He shares his ideas from www.kenlolla.com and has active social media accounts.

  • Kentucky begins with kids in mind

    ISSUE: Investing in early childhood education
    OUR VIEW: Critical priority worthy of investment

    Beginnings are the best place to start.