Today's Opinions

  • Feds should act on hemp

    ISSUE: Industrial hemp
    Diversified commercial possibilities


    Following a difficult and bumpy road through the legislative process, Gov. Steve Beshear allowed Senate Bill 50 to become law without his signature. With his less-than-enthusiastic concession, commercial cultivation and the potential for a processing industry for industrial hemp stands a step closer to reality in Kentucky.

  • April 11, 2013: Our readers write

    Guns and knives

  • Safety begins with being alert

    ISSUE: Distracted driving
    Stay focused on the road

    April is National Distracted Driving Month. Evidently, having a whole month to become aware of something that should be at the top of our minds every day is needed. 

    All too many lives are lost every year due to “lack of attention” and it needs to stop. As a society, we should have zero tolerance for motorists who can’t seem to resist multi-tasking while driving.

  • Don't sell short the blessings of life

    I couldn’t shake the somberness that clung to me like lint on a suit of clothes. The grief I felt in the eyes of the family followed me out the door of the funeral home and into my car. A wintry mix of snow and rain added to the dreariness of the moment and the rhythmic swish and swash of my windshield wipers sounded like a death knell, projecting with every beat of its dirge the photographs I had just seen of the deceased in happy times, nagging me with one question: Why?

  • Just look, good news is all around us

    ISSUE: Local celebrations
    A lot of reasons to be happy here

    People who have basements or rooms filled with outdated or unused televisions or electronics now have a place to dispose of them for free, thanks to Hardin County government and sponsors of the annual electronic scrap recycling day.

    The county’s fourth annual event is from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. April 27 at the AGC Automotive Americas plant at Leitchfield and Ring roads.

  • Reinvigorating political parties could snap D.C. impasse

    A few weeks ago, the Republican National Committee issued a 100-page report aimed at reviving the GOP after its poor showing in last November’s elections. It was remarkably blunt about the specifics of the party’s shortcomings — its lack of inclusiveness, its hapless data initiatives, its poor grassroots organizing.

    What it did not take on, however, was an issue the RNC can do little about: the diminished influence, if not irrelevance, of both major parties in American politics.

  • Fiscal Court's second vote affirms first principles

    Hardin Fiscal Court plans a classic do-over.

    In self-officiated playground games of our youth, conflicts often were discarded with a shout of “do-over” and the disputed play would be tossed out. Play resumed as if it never happened.

  • E'town will pave way for business

    ISSUE: Towne Drive extension
    OUR VIEW: New street addresses retail congestion

    Retailers like traffic. It’s important to be convenient for shoppers. But too much traffic can add frustration to the experience and turn folks away.