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  • March 30, 2011: Our readers write

    What about Bellarmine?
    There are many important news events and issues facing us every day, but let's face it - in Kentucky, basketball is a big deal. That's why I was shocked to find that after the Bellarmine University men's basketball team won the NCAA Division II national championship this weekend, the best The News-Enterprise could manage was a small notice buried on page 5 of the sports section.

  • Adcock works his dream, reaches the Major Leagues

    The topic: Nathan Adcock
    Our view: Hard work earned MLB spot

    When Nathan Adcock played baseball as a youngster, he never expected to one day be able to call himself a Major League player.
    Today, he can.
    The right-hander is a Kansas City Royal and when the team opens the season this week at home, he will be one of 25 players on the roster.

  • March 29, 2011: Our readers write

    Just hanging out
    Every Friday, I go to school just like I do Monday through Thursday. The difference is, I walk to McDonald’s or Arby’s after the school day is over. On Saturday I either go to Towne Mall or Movie Palace. My weekends are the same every week. This is why Elizabethtown needs a teen hangout.

  • It's not insanity: Basketball passion causes madness

    What causes us - normally restrained, responsible people with jobs and families - to lose our minds, whoop and holler, jump up and down, pump our fists in the air and shout “YES!” as we high five each other?

    It’s March Madness, of course, the NCAA Division I basketball tournament which results in the national champion. And if your team didn’t make it, you can find a favorite. For me, it’s usually an underdog - and with the bracket Kentucky had to claw through this year, they surely qualify as one. 

  • Red Cross provides valuable services near and far

    Imagine this scene: It's midnight and a family of four has returned to their home, only to find it in on fire with flames illuminating the night sky.

    As firefighters work to contain the fire and save what is left of the home, the family is in disbelief. With no place to call home, their lives are shattered.

    In the aftermath, the family will find a comforting shoulder and help in a desperate time of need in the American Red Cross.

    American Red Cross officials locally are on the scene of tragedies long before the community hears about them.

  • Roads may grow but highway numbers remain

    Ky. 313 runs from Interstate 65 across the countryside near Colesburg, crossing U.S. 31W on a rapidly developing corner of Radcliff’s south side before heading toward Vine Grove and coming to an abrupt end near the edge of Hardin County.
    When it was proposed almost three decades ago, the idea was to eventually create an alternative connection from Interstate 64 in southern Indiana to southbound I-65.
    I remember that detail vividly from covering an initial public hearing about the route in the second-floor meeting room of Radcliff City Hall.

  • March 27, 2011: Our readers write

    Union restraint
    Unions should be big enough to bargain with the business that hires them, but never big enough to bargain with the whole industry, state or country. That would allow them to hold the country hostage — too much power.
    With size limited to the business that hires them, they might bargain for big, excessive wages, which then  would put their business at a disadvantage and require a compromise before they drive their business bankrupt and lose all their jobs. Competition between companies keeps wages and prices in balance.

  • The politics of rules, and vice versa

    This year’s General Assembly in Frankfort came to a familiar end. The regular session was followed by a coda — special session — to finally tie things up.
    The sticking point was how to patch a $140 million shortfall in this year’s Medicaid budget.
    Gov. Steve Beshear’s plan, in short, was to “borrow” money from the second year of Medicaid’s budget and cut spending next year through privatization.