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  • Census will require downsizing of Jimmie Lee's House district


    When lawmakers redraw the state House district lines, they will likely have to extend some of the most urban districts in Louisville and Northern Kentucky to pick up precincts in the growing suburbs.

    Republican lawmakers who represent areas in the outskirts of Jefferson County and its ring counties — as well as in Northern Kentucky — now find themselves with many more people than what a House district should have, according to the new 2010 Census data that came out last week.

  • March 22, 2011: Our readers write

    Faith-based rehab works
    I had not heard if any of the Christians in our Kentucky Assembly championed the Christian faith-based programs that have been successful in helping those with drug related/nonviolent convictions overcome their problems. Possibly they didn’t knowing that no matter the evidence the ACLU and much of their counterparts on the liberal side of the political aisle would scream their heads off.

  • Census reflects decade of growth

    Numbers are critical to making viable comparisons.

    That’s why businesses produce profit statements and revenue variance reports. It’s why teachers record grades and why they keep score in the NCAA basketball games this week.

    The 2010 Census figures help us track ourselves.

  • Hatred and hyperbole not needed

    In reference to Jim Waters March 11 column in The News-Enterprise, I would just like to voice my disagreement.

    My wife and I are both retired from Ford Motor Co. and belonged to UAW Local 862. I can tell you that our union president is not the godfather nor are we his “minions.”

    Without union representation, Ford Motor Co. would have run over us rough-shod just as Henry Ford did prior to 1941.

  • March 20, 2011: Our readers write

    Precious wildlife
    The sandhill cranes that fly across Kentucky are part of the mass migration that takes place twice a year across this planet. For many of us, the sight and sound of the cranes is magic. Sad to say there are a few who only see this miracle of creation as something to strike down and destroy.
    What has been lost, though easy to disregard, is a creature’s precious, irreplaceable life; and each life is so vulnerable and exists so briefly.

  • FarmStart meets needs of tomorrow’s producers

    ISSUE: Extension FarmStart program
    OUR VIEW: Investment worth making

    Investing in the future makes sense.

    Through a year-long program called FarmStart, the Hardin County Extension Service is striving to build the knowledge of novice farmers and ensure a brighter future for the agriculture sector of our economy.

  • Saying goodbye to a season of dribbles and development

    It’s time to take the whistle off the rearview mirror. Since October, it has been twirling there.
    The basketball season is over and so is my opportunity to coach one of the two sixth-grade boys’ basketball teams at East Hardin Middle School.
    Stepping up to the challenge of coaching sixth-grade athletes, I found a great group of kids with a lot of heart and overlooked talent. Surprisingly, I also found personal growth — as a coach and as a person.

  • March 18, 2011: Our readers write

    Thank a farmer today
    March 13-19 marks the annual observation of National Agriculture Week. This is an occasion when agriculture organizations like Farm Bureau try to draw attention to the importance of farmers and our agriculture industry.