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  • Bid process must be protected

    ISSUE: Public/private partnerships
    Good for us all

    Recently, Scotty’s Contracting and Stone Co. extended a financial hand of generosity to Kentucky. In a move unprecedented in the contracting world, Scotty’s has agreed to complete necessary paving on Interstate 65 and to finance the work.

  • Boldly going to visit a museum exhibit

    Warning: The following may seem a bit geeky.

    Recently, I bought an $18 ticket and paid another $5 to park for the opportunity to sit in an oversized chair and stand on a lighted Plexiglas platform. It all was part of the Louisville Science Center’s History of the Future exhibit.

    The “history” is a tour through one of modern entertainment’s more influential creations: Star Trek.

  • Feb. 18, 2011: Our readers write

    Opposition to opposing alcohol sales
    Regarding the Feb. 15 article, “Group Opposes Expanded Alcohol Push,” I believe Will Stolz and the Hardin County Christian Coalition are doing the community a disservice by campaigning to prevent this pressing economic and social issue from being voted on by the public

  • Teens must be accountable for responsible dating

    No means no. Whether it is said to a toddler about to touch a hot stove or a teenager refusing advances on a date, the word has a simple and exact definition and should be respected.
    Parents lovingly tell children no from an early age to keep them safe and teach them right from wrong. Children learn to obey out of respect even if they do not agree or fully understand. Respectfully obeying authority is a foundation necessary for teenagers to learn healthy boundaries to internalize and later develop thier own understanding of right and wrong.

  • Local community should act on study of BRAC traffic impacts

    ISSUE: Growing pains of post realignment

    OUR VIEW: Community should act on study

  • Feb. 16, 2011: Our readers write

    Dealing with criminals

  • Hansen’s life was dedicated to serving, helping others

    The topic: Passing of Dottie Hansen
    Our view: 
    She was a beloved community icon

    All you have to know about the kind of person Dottie Hansen was is this: Often when there were people in need for food or shelter in the middle of the night, she would be called to offer help.

    She always answered and always helped.

    That’s just who the 91-year-old community icon was. Hansen died early Monday morning after a battle with cancer.

    She leaves a legacy of serving with many, many organizations.

  • Thankful for time spent in Kentucky

    “My friends, no one, not in my situation, can appreciate my feeling of sadness at this parting. To this place, and the kindness of these people, I owe everything.” 

    These were the words of President-elect Abraham Lincoln upon leaving Springfield, Ill., for Washington, D.C. Since President Lincoln is Kentucky’s most famous son, I believe it’s only appropriate I adopt his words as I turn over the reins of the United States Army Recruiting Command to Maj. Gen. David Mann.