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  • Local government, community should embrace Hall of Fame

    The Kentucky Association of Basketball Coaches delivered a gift to the doorstep of Elizabethtown City Hall. Designed to honor premier players and coaches responsible for developing the statewide passion for high school basketball, a proposed Hall of Fame wants to set up shop in Elizabethtown.
    Local government would be wise to treasure its new tourism present and aggressively seek buy-in from the entire community.

  • March 4, 2011: Our readers write

    March is as good a month as any to help
    March is Red Cross Month, and the American Red Cross is asking you to join us in providing help and hope to people in need.
    The Red Cross works tirelessly to help those who need assistance, whether down the street, across the country, or around the world. We respond to disasters, help members of the military, provide blood for those in need and teach lifesaving skills.

  • Law would put limits on all to address abuse by some

    The Issue: Pseudoephedrine bill
    Our view: Adding inconvenience, cost

  • March 3, 2011: Our readers write

    On Parrett
    The parrot is widely known as a vibrantly colored bird with a particular talent for imitating people and other animals. There is a particular Parrett from Hardin County who also possesses this famous knack for imitation.
    During last year’s campaign for state Senate, this Parrett was quite good at imitating a conservative and casting himself as a bipartisan do-gooder who desired to represent people over politics. As soon as this Parrett flew to Frankfort, it became clear that the imitation gig was up.

  • KCTCS' Super Sunday is important emphasis

    THE ISSUE: Super Sunday
    OUR VIEW: A great idea

  • March 2, 2011: Our readers write

    We are the government

    A couple of years ago Americans were excited about the changes that they expected after the promises they were given. Forget about party lines, everyone should be angry with Washington politicians for ignoring the people they represent. Us.

  • ExCEL winners bring honor to educational profession

    ISSUE: Award-winning teachers
    OUR VIEW: Their efforts improve lives

    Great things happen daily in local schools. Dedicated teachers are responsible for most of those accomplishments.

    The ExCEL awards provide an opportunity annually to access and honor the best of the best.

    A love for teaching and connections with children are obvious in the most basic of conversations with this year’s honorees, Laureen Laumeyer and Thad Elmore.

  • Jimmie Lee has his own day

    TOPIC: Jimmie Lee honor
    OUR VIEW: Deserving award for his dedication
    This much we know about state Rep. Jimmie Lee: He is passionate about mental health issues.
    We have known that here in Hardin County for a long, long time. Now, the rest of the country does as well after he was named the recipient of the Jacob K. Javits Award for public service this year. He was presented the award Wednesday during a ceremony at the State Capitol.