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  • Assigning a value to information: Changing online business model

    The cost of something is not the same as what it's worth.

    • Good health is priceless but health care can be quite costly.
    • A warm February day filled with sunshine comes with no price tag but delivers loads of value.
    • No amount of cash can warm your heart like a grandchild's impromptu hug.

    So how much is information worth?

  • Feb. 2, 2012: Our readers write

    Obama energy policy needs rewrite
    President Barack Obama’s latest attack on carbon fuels and American jobs is a disaster. He rejected the Keystone pipeline, which was proposed to run from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico, to carry crude oil to American refineries. It would have provided thousands of desperately needed American jobs and reduced our dependence on oil from the Middle East. If it does not go through the U.S., it will go to the West Coast of Canada, and from there, the oil likely will go to China.

  • I-65 widening has support of governor

    ISSUE: Interstate 65 improvements
    OUR VIEW: Governor deserves our thanks

    Kentucky's four-lane stretch of Interstate 65 — soon to only venture into Hardin, LaRue and Hart counties — has many local residents intimidated.

    The funnel effect of six lanes from Louisville south and six lanes from Tennessee north puts the squeeze on traffic and frightens many motorists. Repeatedly in 2011, bad things occurred on that stretch, including repeated fatalities in the Glendale area.

  • Celebrating a local Patriot

    Even the casual local fan watching Sunday’s Super Bowl pitting the New England Patriots against the New York Giants may have an increased interest in this year’s game: One of our own will share the field with the likes of Tom Brady and Eli Manning.

    Brandon Deaderick, a 2005 graduate of Elizabethtown High School, is a starting defensive lineman for the AFC champion Patriots and is very likely the first person from Hardin County ever to play in a Super Bowl.

  • Feb. 1, 2012: Our readers write

    Right side of the road needs attention
    I have read many times over the years how our local roadways have contributed to, or caused, a crash when the vehicle being driven dropped off the right side of the roadway causing the driver to react and, in turn, causing the vehicle to overturn several times. I haven’t kept track of the statistics, but, in many instances, the driver or a passenger has been severely injured or died.

  • Single ceremony marks three changes on post

    ISSUE: Changes in command and mission at Fort Knox
    OUR VIEW: More changes will come 

    Fort Knox continues to change in its long and important role played for our nation’s military. During a recent multi-purpose ceremony, the post saw one decade-long mission draw to a close as its colors were cased, the retirement of the post’s commanding officer and the transfer of authority to new commander.

  • Instead of praying against, pray for a loving heart

    Although the Republicans have been going at it for several months, we are not yet into the heat of the presidential race, and already some Christians are praying for the early demise of President Obama.

    When I say, “demise,” I mean death.

    At least that’s the implication of the recent email sent by Mike O’Neal, the Republican speaker of the Kansas House of Representatives. That email followed a previous one in which O’Neal had referred to Michelle Obama as “Mrs. Yomama.”

  • Doctors, not bureaucrats, should decide appropriate care

    As a member of the House Energy and Commerce Health subcommittee, I have voted to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and participated in dozens of hearings that revealed astronomical costs, billion-dollar slush funds and countless other negative consequences of the health care law.