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  • John Hardin getting used to success

    TOPIC: Bulldogs in Sweet 16
    OUR VIEW: Program has come a long way

    When the John Hardin High School boys' basketball team rolled to the 5th Region championship Saturday night at Hart County High School, it accomplished something most teams in the region have failed to do in the last decade: Defend the region title.

  • Hemp Bill takes a political ride

    ISSUE: Industrial hemp in Kentucky
    Hemp Bill political power play in Frankfort

    Much uncertainty surrounds the viability of industrial hemp as a commercial cash crop in Kentucky. One thing is certain, however. The bill intended to pave the way to reviving hemp growth in Kentucky — and whatever processing and manufacturing jobs might come with it — has been subjected to a roller-coaster of a political power struggle in Frankfort over the past several days.

  • March 6, 2013: Our readers write

    Insensitive comparisons

  • KMA president takes issue with state Medicaid

    Pop singer Prince had a hit song more than 20 years ago that said we should all “party like it’s 1999.” Unfortunately, the managed care organizations running the Kentucky Medicaid system are following the song’s advice and operating in the managed care world of 1999.

  • March 6, 2013: Our readers write

    Insensitive comparisons

  • Plunging into the surprising sinkholes of life

    Even though your house may appear to rest on solid ground, there is still the possibility you may find yourself suddenly awakened in the middle of the night by the rumble of your bedroom floor opening into a massive hole, sliding you and the contents of the room into its pit, interrupting your sweet dreams with dirt and debris.

  • Multitude of local events raise awareness, money

    TOPIC: Events raise more than money
    OUR VIEW: Always something valuable going on here

    There is plenty of diversity in Hardin County Schools and Friday’s fair at John Hardin High School by the district’s revamped Community Diversity Advisory Council was just another way to showcase it.

    Visitors were able to view clay animal statuettes, poetry, drawings and food from various cultures from around the world. The displays primarily were created by HCS students.

  • United Way's remarkable campaign

    ISSUE: United Way announces fundraising results
    OUR VIEW: Incredible growth will change lives

    During a news conference last Thursday afternoon, United Way of Central Kentucky announced results of the agency’s 2012 fundraising campaign. The finally tally: $1,162,606 and a new all-time high generated through corporate contributions, small business pledge drives and individual donations.