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  • June 20, 2011: Our readers write

    Bravo Bruins
    Congratulations Central Hardin Bruin baseball team on your state championship!
    Fans were entertained all week by an outstanding team.  As we were watching the championship game, I couldn’t help but be amazed at something else ... the behavior of the team. These young men are a class act. The sportsmanship, respect and enthusiasm were infectious. The way they handled themselves is very admirable.
    Congratulations to the parents for raising such extraordinary young men.

  • Gifts from my father

    For The News-Enterprise
    Growing up, I always knew that I was protected and loved. Those special times that he and I shared always will remain in my heart to be cherished.
    And, there are the wonderful gifts that he has given me over the years.

  • Reflecting images from a previous generation

    The door to my grandparents’ house on Red Hill Road never was locked.

    As kids, most visits began with a race from the car to the front porch. The first to arrive would fling open the screen door, turn the knob and bound inside – announcing your presence with a burst of energy.

    My grandmother – Dad’s mom – was there without fail to welcome us.

  • Father's Day arrives without holiday festivities

    The issue: Today's celebrations 
    Our view: It's Dad's day to shine

    It’s here, dads! Father’s Day! It’s your special day: A day that you’ve looked forward to all year long. It begins with parades televised across the nation in your honor, followed by well-planned community events and lavish celebratory gatherings. A day for bountiful feasts of roast turkey and baked ham shared with cherished family and friends.

    A day for …

  • Time for a pith-y idea

    For The News-Enterprise

    PITH HELMET n. A light sun hat made from dried pith.

    I will tell you up front, the pith helmet is the answer.

    This past week I celebrated my 71st birthday. Once again, as in the past several summers, I did it by giving my dermatologist another chunk of money for services rendered. You see, once upon a time, I was a young man of steel — I thought. There was nothing on this earth that could hurt me. Nothing would ever hurt me.

  • General challenges community to grow

    Goals that are challenging are a vital part of organizational success. By the same token, an excessive or unreasonable goal can be a back breaker.

    It’s a delicate balance.

    During a recent speech at the Hardin County Chamber of Commerce’s monthly meeting, Lt. Gen. Benjamin Freakley offered bold remarks aimed at influencing the community’s progress.

    “Fort Knox presents you with an unbelievable opportunity to be realized, in my humble opinion, with what’s going on out there,” he said.

  • Tribute recognizes Arflin's contribution

    The topic: Tom Arflin
    Our view: He has led by example

    Much of Tom Arflin’s life has been spent on the fields of play in Radcliff as a leading and passionate advocate for youth football and baseball in the city.

    His recent afternoon of recognition was not only appropriate, but long overdue. The man has been the backbone of the North Hardin Youth Football League for years.

  • Y.E.S. direct mail effort aims to secure alcohol vote

    The issue: Y.E.S. direct mail effort
    Our view: Petition is about choice

    As the 180-day petition drive deadline draws near, Yes for Economic Success has added a new tactic to its strategy to get expanded alcohol sales on a special options election ballot this summer.