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  • Nov. 30, 2010, editorial: Bulldogs' success sets area standard

    John Hardin High School’s run at another berth in the Class 5-A state football championship game came to an excruciating end Friday night.
    How the Bulldogs saw their first defeat in 14 games arrive made it a much more bitter pill to swallow.
    Lost in misplays and turnovers on a cold night and a 45-20 defeat to Christian County, was what this team and collection of seniors had accomplished not only in the last three months, but the last three years.
    It is rare in Hardin County that we have had a high school football program this dominant.

  • Two-year walk together moves chambers toward consolidation

     By the Heartland
    Chamber Alliance
    Special to The News-Enterprise

    For nearly two years, representatives of four local chambers of commerce have been meeting to find ways in which we can work together to advance our communities. The highly successful Vietnam Veterans Welcome Home celebration is an example of the power of that collaboration.

  • Vision of a unified chamber

    Here is the vision and mission of the proposed Hardin County Chamber of Commerce:

    The Hardin County Chamber of Commerce cultivates and maximizes all resources, serving as a dynamic and effective advocate for the businesses and communities of the region.

  • Holding elected leaders accountable on priorities

    A lot of promises were made by candidates vying for your vote during the most recent campaign season. Some promises communicated a sincere desire to improve upon the status quo. Others, at least to us, seemed nothing more than disingenuous attempts to woo a vote. Some centered on issues that were within the scope of responsibilities for the office a candidate sought, while others related to issues over which they’d have little, if any, influence.
    For each candidate elected, however, at least a few promises hit the mark of importance with the majority of voters.

  • Thinking about chamber unification

    There is a basic economic principle that states, “The best economies are achieved by the maximum utilization of scarce resources”. This is the goal of uniting Hardin County’s Chambers of Commerce: Maximum utilization of scarce resources.
    Every organization, company, and individual must deal with the economic reality of scarce resources — the challenge to do the best we can with what we have. And what we have are successful chambers with a desire to accomplish more – together.

  • Nov. 26, 2010: Our readers write

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    On Col. Don Williams

  • Nov. 25, 2010 editorial: Recognize small kindnesses

    The fourth Thursday of November each year brings Thanksgiving Day, a reminder to celebrate the glass half full in our lives. A lost middle child falling on the calendar between the celebrations of Halloween and Christmas, Thanksgiving does not always get its just deserts.