• Although she reached her one-year anniversary as disaster program specialist for the American Red Cross chapter, Laurie Jaggers did not take on the role without plenty of experience.

  • Astrid Ladegaard is just like every other 16-year-old junior at Cen­tral Har­din High School save one thing: She’s pretty far from home.

  • Rick Bennett’s background may have come from U.S. Air Force family but his goal is to help the U.S. Army through his skills as a financier.

  • It was a big year for movies and the box office rang in large dollar figures.

  • As a physical therapist assistant and a yoga instructor, Elizabeth Mc­Neil’s mission in life is to help people stay healthy.

  • Sometimes Christmas decorations have more meaning than simply adorning the inside or outside of a home.

  • Jacob Hobbs, 14, is a freshman at Central Hardin High School and the junior varsity quarterback. But his life is filled with more than athletics. He’s also a state Bible drill winner.

  • Although Sarah Sanborn participated in a mission trip to El Salvador in July, she didn’t know she would continue polishing her Spanish at Central Hardin High School by becoming a peer mentor.

  • It has been a while since Ronnie Booker picked up a chainsaw to work on his farm, but he still handles an axe.

    City of birth:
    Wilmington, Ohio.
    Favorite music: Pink Floyd.
    Favorite movie: “Blade Runner.”
    Favorite TV show: “Star Trek.”
    Favorite author: Arthur C. Clarke.

  • You won’t be able to stop the beat this weekend as Hardin County Playhouse presents its season opener, “Hairspray.”

  • Denise Elliott has transformed a love of dogs into an organization to bring more police dogs into the force: Cops with Paws.

    She grew up in a small town in southern Illinois and always was around animals. She started liking German Shepherds and working-class dogs when she was in Iraq.

  • Joseph Chung’s experience in the South Korean military and a visit to Fort Knox resulted in the fruition of his dream of living and working in America.

    He served in the South Korean Army for almost 16 years. While an armor officer and tank company commander, he served alongside American forces in Vietnam and was awarded the U.S. Army Commendation Medal.

  • Linda Polley has worked at Severns Valley Baptist Church for 35 years with four different pastors.

    Through her time, she built lasting relationships, experienced joy and survived emergency brain surgery.

    The 70-year-old has spent half her life working at the church and will retire in May.

  • As a little girl living on a farm in Sonora, Debbie Donnelly had two dreams: being in politics or becoming a secret agent.

    One of her dreams has come true.

    The new county clerk credits living on a farm and her parents’ work ethic as what shaped her into the person she is today.

    “It molds you because you are working every day,” she said.

  • Although she lives in a subdivision, agriculture is important in Rebecca Mackey’s life.

  • Some of the characters that have walked the streets of Elizabethtown over the years come to life every Thursday night during summer in the Charles W. Logsdon Elizabethtown Downtown Walking Tour.

  • About three years ago, as she worked toward her degree in psychology and social work, Elizabethtown resident Melinda Riddle began volunteering at Helping Hand of Hope to complete required community service hours.

    In her words, the 20-hour community service requirement “kind of snowballed.”

    “It kind of got me that there was so much to be done and not enough hands to do it,” Riddle said.

    The realization made her want to continue to volunteer, she said.

  • Drivers who complain about their 30-minute commute to work would bite their lip if they met Donald Travis.

    Travis, truck driver for A&M Carriers, LLC, works 60-70 hours every week and drives from 450-600 miles a day. After 26 years of driving, Travis was named Kentucky Truck Driver of the Year.