• Just as elected officials should be good stewards of tax dollars, they also should examine and know all the facts of issues instead of just the ones they personally like.

  • Since the recent city government budget meetings, I have had time to think about my position concerning Elizabethtown Sports Park funding.

  • f you are on the hunt for last minute Kentucky Oaks or Derby tickets, be­ware that scammers are trying to fool you into purchasing fake tickets.

  • It’s a New Year and time to start figuring out your taxes – or at least who will do your taxes.

  • Taking issue with all except headline

    The only thing correct about The News-Enterprise editorial titled “Disparity in fees should not be”(March 23, 2014) was its title. 

  • Sees great value in local sales tax

    Our system of government is rooted in the principles of representation and accountability. As a nation, we abhor endless taxation as much as our Founding Fathers detested lifetime monarchs and dictators.  Kentuckians also recognize that the most responsible form of government starts not in Frankfort or Washington, D.C., but in our own communities. The local option sales tax embodies these ideals in the most fundamental ways.

  • Kentucky’s lawmakers have created a strong foundation for the state’s early childhood education and development programs. Now, they have the opportunity to ensure continued and meaningful progress in this vital area in the budget they will enact for 2014-2016.

  • You could say that it’s back by popular demand. Via Colori in Elizabethtown lives.

    The annual street festival will have a new sponsoring agency and will continue after a public outcry related to a decision to cancel the 2014 event.

  • By Vince Whelan, a student at North Hardin High School


    With the end of the Revolutionary War, we Americans consecrated this land as our own, where freedom thrives for the sake of all men.

    During the American Civil War, we challenged the interpretation of this freedom, and sought to make it a more perfect definition.

  • I have an affinity for the Grinch. Not the remorseful, repentant Grinch who returns the holiday trappings and gifts to Whoville after his heart swells.

    No, I’m talking about the Grinch who declares with rancor, “I must keep Christmas from coming.”

    I am not interested in burglarizing your homes, stealing your gifts and I certainly would not run off with your roast beast. Don’t judge me just yet. Please allow me to clarify.

  • In a frigid afternoon this past Tuesday, some 65 people representing different expressions of faith gathered on the Boone Farm in Nelson County affirming their belief God is not pleased with what hydraulic fracturing (or fracking) is doing to his creation.

    Why did they do this? Why now?

    The event was in answer to the call from the Dominican Sisters of Peace, the Loretto Community and the Sisters of Charity who originally articulated an Energy Vision Statement and invited people of faith from all traditions to join.

  • Recognizing sides in a societal war

  • Pipeline seen as economic benefit

  • No one is a more ardent supporter of private-property rights than this columnist.

    I once teamed up with former Bowling Green City Commissioner and Western Kentucky economics professor Brian Strow to debate former Bowling Green Mayor Elaine Walker and Kentucky League of Cities lawyer Bill Thielen on the government’s use of eminent domain before energetic students at Western Kentucky University.

  • By Bill Bennett


    ISSUE: City needs Bennett’s lien money immediately for Japan trip

    MY VIEW: It must have been a slow news day at The News-Enterprise


  • In 2012, BBB received more than 14,000 complaints against auto repair servicers.

    When your vehicle needs repairs, you don’t need a crash course in auto mechanics, but you should know how to find a reliable shop and mechanic. Better Business Bureau and the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence recommend following a few key pointers to ensure your automobile gets fixed without a glitch.

  • Issue: Choosing Elizabethtown's next mayor
    Our View: Appointee should press on

    On Monday, Elizabethtown City Council will convene for the first time since Mayor Tim Walker’s unexpected death.

    The council members face a critical decision. They must choose Elizabethtown’s interim mayor in fewer than 30 days or Gov. Steve Beshear will.