• ISSUE: Pensions for part-time legislators

    OUR VIEW: Worthwhile uphill battle 

  • Robert O. Skaggs, of Elizabethtown, died Sunday, Feb. 6, 2011, at Norton Hospital in Louisville.
    Arrangements are incomplete at Brown Funeral Home.

  • On this weekend, it seems everyone is a football fan. The Super Bowl impacts our culture like no other single-day sporting event.
    I consider myself a serious, big-time NFL fan. While other sports, other activities and interests capture my off time now and then, nothing consistently holds my interest like the 32 teams that comprise the National Football League.
    Most folks who know that fact expect me to be excited about the Super Bowl. But I don’t look forward to the big game with awe.

  • ISSUE: High-tech additions
    OUR VIEW: New items are needed

  • In these recessionary times, it's common for private companies of all sizes to take a hard look at their operations. Business units that are less than effective or dealing with declining volume sometimes are closed.
    The U.S. Postal Service would like to do the same thing. Considering the agency lost $8.5 billion last year — $23 million per day — something needs to be done. No one wants less service or to lose the convenience of a community post office, but it's necessary to look at more drastic tactics.

  • The issue: County's mid-year budget surplus
    Our view: Heathly report worthy of praise

  • Houses are being uprooted along Rineyville Road as preparations for the Elizabethtown to Radcliff Connector move forward.

    Bids will be awarded in April for construction on the 7.6-mile route designed to ease commuter traffic between two of Kentucky’s 15th largest cities.

  • ISSUE: Sizemore named KPA president

    OUR VIEW: We recognize one of our own

  • ISSUE: Magistrate Weight Loss Challenge
    OUR VIEW: Congratulations for leading by losing

    The eight people who were winners in November’s general election hope to be losers come this November.

    Patterned after “The Biggest Loser” television show, the Hardin County Magistrate Weight Loss Challenge is an 11-month effort to slim down.

  • The issue: Healthcare-associated infections
    Our view: Requiring reporting is appropriate

  • Nearly three decades ago, a young reporter arrived in Morgantown to interview the editor of a small weekly newspaper.
    A couple days before, the plate glass window in the storefront office had been shattered by late-night gunfire. It was a message for Larry Craig, the bold editor and owner of the Butler County newspaper.

  • Bullying is not limited to age, race or economic status. Bullies come in all shapes and sizes and terrorize in ways beyond the playground menace who takes lunch money. It seems as soon as children figure out they can have power over another human, the lessons of bullying begin. Whether we admit it or not we have all been on both sides of the equation.

  • The issue: Ignoring warning signs

    Our view: Be alert and respond

  • The nation and the attitudes that Martin Luther King Jr. sought to change have changed and generally for the better.
    The civil rights movement brought together thousands in search of the assurance of basic human desires such as kindness, fairness, equality and justice.

  • Making the rules?
    To paraphrase an old saying, “Those who can, do, and those who can’t, make the rules.”
    In Sunday’s newspaper, we read that Secretary of Defense Gates wants to cut funding for the Military Tricare Health system. He says that the cost has gone from $18 billion ten years ago to $50 billion today. How much has the free medical care for our elected officials increased in 10 years?

  • When Hardin Fiscal Court conducts its first meeting of 2011, something unseen in almost two decades will occur. A woman will be seated among county government’s elected decision makers.

    As the county welcomes back the magistrate form of government, the voters of District 3 selected Lisa Williams to represent their interests for the next four years.

  • ISSUE: Reading the Constitution
    OUR VIEW: Civics lesson is just a gesture

    Often it seems that gestures are substituted for true action.

    As the new Congressional session opened in Washington, D.C., the House floor was dominated by a formal reading of the U.S. Constitution.

    The new Republican leadership saw the demonstration as reaffirmation of a commitment to that its work would hold to the tenets set out in this most precious of American documents.

  • ISSUE: Millpond’s request for financing
    OUR VIEW: Weigh investment against risk

    The dust has settled for now on the Millpond Business Center off Kentucky 313 in Radcliff. The North Hardin Economic Development Authority’s requested $800,000 to level 40 more acres of land to attract potential industry. The Radcliff City Council authorized $475,000 following a 50/50 split of council and a tie-breaking vote from then-Mayor Sheila Enyart.

  • Tears can be shed over any edition of the newspaper.

    That’s because each paper includes death notices. These brief summaries of lives lived hint at the sadness behind them with a detailed listing of loved ones.  In the jargon of obituaries, the people left with grief are called survivors.

    With the beginning of a new calendar year, it’s common to review the 12 months that we all just survived. Often, grief plays a part in that recap.

  • ISSUE: Renovations at the courthouse
    OUR VIEW: Classic and accommodating

    Renovations to the top floor meeting room in the Hardin County Courthouse had quite a debut this week.

    Completion of the work could not have been better timed. A standing-room crowd gathered as elected officials, deputy sheriffs and other select individuals took the oath of office. Many of their friends and family were able to take snapshots or videotape the ceremony in the bright, new setting.