At the end of Rocky 3, Apollo Creed reaches with his left hand, pulls an imaginary bell and says, “Ding. Ding.”

The two, looking like they are in some basement off Mulberry Street, then dance around and the movie ends with Rocky throwing an overhand left and Apollo an overhand right.

That is what’s going to happen tonight.

Not literally, though.

In that sense, I would say something like, please act like an adult.

But have you seen how adults act?

They are 3-year-olds with really loud voices and an agenda that has nothing to do with being a fan.

But, then again, fan is short for fanatic. So, I guess it fits.

Let me be really clear — tonight is all about the kids in the uniforms.

At the end of 32 minutes — or however long they play — the players and coaches and cheerleaders are going to line up and shake hands, hug and move on to next week’s game.

Since I am not from here, I could care less the reason why Central Hardin and Elizabethtown have not played a varsity football game since 2012.

Imma be there tonight and am expecting a great high school game with an outstanding atmosphere.

It will be packed at the 8 p.m. kickoff.

Gates will open at 6:30 p.m. to accommodate and if you get there close to kickoff, expect to park somewhere near Dewster’s.

We parents want our children to give their best.

Sometimes their best is better than others, but their best is their best.

And I don’t mean to share a secret here, but our kids want our best.

That means correct behavior at sporting events.

That means not being that parent.

And you know exactly who — or what — I am talking about.

Please, enjoy the game tonight.

Kids are gonna mess up.

Coaches are gonna mess up.

Referees are gonna mess up.

Heck, a band member may even play a wrong note, or a cheerleader get off-count.

Life goes on.

There might be a fumble or two, some great blocks, a completed pass or 12 and a great call on thrd-and-11.

One side of the stands is gonna cheer really loudly when something happens and, eventually, the other side will get its chance.

Be patient in what may be long lines at the bathroom and the concession stands.

Be thankful for that because it means you are at a high school football game that is going to be fun to watch.

This is not one of those games where you know the JV players will start being rotated in late in the second quarter.

This is going to be a rock-em, sock-em game that doesn’t always come around.

Two teams, two really good head coaches and coaching staffs will match wits for four quarters and they both wish players on each side leave the field without injury.

There’s going to be hard hits, missed assignments, dropped passes, outstanding plays and, hopefully, when it all ends — a clean night in every aspect of the word.

Enjoy it.

Don’t be that adult who gives the other side a reason to say, “You see, I told you.”

Be thankful the coaches got together and put this game back on the schedule for two years.

Enjoy the moment — all the moments.

Mike Mathison can be reached at 270-505-1758 or

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