en Feb. 8, 2016: Our readers write <p> <strong>Critical of Hillary&rsquo;s candidacy</strong></p> Independent investigation is necessary <p> <strong>ISSUE:</strong> Death of Gynnya McMillen at Lincoln Village<br /> <strong>OUR VIEW:</strong> Detailed answers needed to restore trust</p> Counting heads that have no beds <p> <strong>ISSUE:</strong> Volunteers conduct census of homeless<strong><br /> OUR VIEW:</strong> Improved survey will provide better info</p> A time to dream <p> <strong>TOPIC:</strong> Hardin County Schools&rsquo; Opportunities Fair<br /> <strong>OUR VIEW:</strong> Event provides information, insight</p> Leading the state <p> <strong>TOPIC:</strong> GED rankings point to best of the best<br /> <strong>OUR VIEW:</strong> Hardin and LaRue are getting results</p> Open and honest <p> <strong>ISSUE:</strong> Looking over &lsquo;transparency&rsquo; legislation<br /> <strong>OUR VIEW:</strong> House Bill 80 deserves broad support</p> An indictment of mental health care <p> <strong>ISSUE:</strong> Investigation into police-involved shooting<br /> <strong>OUR VIEW:</strong> Death is indictment of mental health system</p> Feb. 7, 2016: Our readers write <p> <u><strong>Legislature uses its own rules<br /> </strong></u></p>