en Sitting in shade with a cold one <p> <strong>ISSUE:</strong> Beer sales at park during summer concert<br /> <strong>OUR VIEW:</strong> Thoughts about new E&#39;town policy</p> <p> A park setting brings to mind rolling hills, gentle breezes and shade trees. But parks have many uses.</p> March 26, 2015: Our readers write <p> <strong><u>Taking steps after listening</u></strong></p> <p> The Radcliff economic listening session was a huge success. Now we will move on to the next step in the process.</p> <p> Although today we have a number of exciting projects in the pipeline, we must have a plan that helps us prosper beyond the completion of these.</p> Ready for Success offering free help <p> <strong>ISSUE:</strong> Ready for Success career workshop coming</p> <p> <strong>OUR VIEW:</strong> Apply today for a better tomorrow</p> 3 special events that have impact <p> <strong>KUDOS:</strong> Praising positives in our community</p> <p> <strong>TAKING THE PLUNGE.</strong> TAKING THE PLUNGE. The recent Junior Achievement Penguin Plunge was a splashing success.</p> Legislative process includes some hair-pulling moments <p> My first session in Frankfort is coming to a close. This has been an extraordinary experience for me and I thank the voters of Hardin County for putting their faith in me to serve their interests.</p> A hall of fame life off the court <p> <strong>TOPIC:</strong> Ron Bevars&#39; Hall of Fame honors<br /> <strong>OUR VIEW:</strong> Off-court work even more impressive</p> <p> This is a big week in the life of former North Hardin High School boys&rsquo; basketball coach Ron Bevars.</p> Seeing a need, finding remedy <p> <strong>TOPIC:</strong> Hardin County fire recruit school<br /> <strong>OUR VIEW:</strong> Great move in service of others</p> <p> Recruiting people to serve is always a tall task.</p> March 27, 2015: Our Readers Write <p> <strong>Reminder of earlier unrest</strong></p>