en Recognizing some special 10-year-olds <p> <strong>KUDOS:</strong> Praising positives in our community</p> <p> Elizabethtown Blue win Cal Ripken West Kentucky State Title.The 10-year old All-Stars of the Elizabethtown Area Baseball Commission brought home a state championship title recently, paving their way once again into the Ohio Valley Regional Tournament.</p> July 28, 2015: Our readers write <p> <u><strong>Get the focus on critical issues<br /> </strong></u></p> Challenges mark Edwards' tenure <p> <strong>ISSUE:</strong> Change of command at Fort Knox<br /> <strong>OUR VIEW:</strong> Garrison noted for excellence</p> <p> One week after Fort Knox learned that its sole combat brigade would be deactivated, Col. T.J. Edwards arrived as the new garrison commander.</p> <p> His plate was full from day one.</p> Encouraging wave of interest <p> <strong>TOPIC: </strong>Changing face of downtown E&#39;town<br /> <strong>OUR VIEW:</strong> With investments come opportunity</p> <p> It&rsquo;s one thing for years and years over study after study to talk about what is needed in an area of a city to give it a jolt of energy.</p> Await investigation into shooting death <p> <strong>ISSUE:</strong> Fatal shooting involving E&rsquo;town police<br /> <strong>OUR VIEW:</strong> Don&rsquo;t draw premature conclusions</p> Pushing for better home-rule rules <p> <strong>ISSUE:</strong> Radcliff mayor wants new revenue options<br /> <strong>OUR VIEW:</strong> Weaver is right to lobby legislators</p> <p> When the General Assembly finally addressed city classification issues and made Kentucky a home-rule state, it looked as if progressive communities at last would have a chance to take individual steps to move forward.</p> Data thieves target travelers using Wi-Fi <p> When you travel, be careful about how you connect to the Internet.</p> <p> Wi-Fi is available almost everywhere these days, but that doesn&rsquo;t mean it&rsquo;s safe to connect.</p> Letting go of a dog that's become more than a pet <p> Mom&rsquo;s voice cracked, then it went silent. I looked again at my cell phone to make sure I&rsquo;d called the right number.</p> <p> &ldquo;Mom? Is this you?&rdquo;</p> <p> The next voice I heard was that of my older brother, Mark, speaking for Mom because she couldn&rsquo;t.</p>