en An ideal mix of fun and auto nostalgia <p> <strong>ISSUE:</strong> Another fun Cruisin&rsquo; the Heartland weekend<br /> <strong>OUR VIEW:</strong> By all accounts, it&rsquo;s hottest show in town</p> July 30, 2015: Our readers write <p> <strong><u>Where will revisionists stop?</u></strong></p> <p> The bleeding-heart liberal, racist-clone heathens continue in their personal vendetta. It was not enough that they took the Confederate battle flag down, now they want to destroy Stone Mountain, a work of art in northern Georgia. Why stop there?</p> Honesty: It's free and easy but not always the first choice <p> In the &ldquo;What&rsquo;s Trending&rdquo; segment on &ldquo;The Today Show&rdquo; last Friday, Savan&shy;nah Guthrie reported on an advertising executive who sent out two resumes. The first was your typical resume showing successes and accomplishments.</p> <p> But the second resume highlighted his failures.</p> BuildSmart by helping ECTC <p> <strong>ISSUE:</strong> Renovation of first building on campus<br /> <strong>OUR VIEW:</strong> Community commitment needed</p> Army Reserve provides vital and affordable role <p> The recent visit by the National Commission on the Future of the Army presented an opportunity for community leaders to highlight Kentucky&rsquo;s well-known patriotism and support of its soldiers. As NCFA commissioners visited our largest installations, Fort Knox and Fort Campbell, they met with both active and reserve component soldiers.</p> Interesting presidential election taking shape <p> The presidential election is 16 months away, but already we&rsquo;re smack in the middle of the usual media scrum of campaign coverage, prognostication and strategizing by many of us who have nothing much to do with the real campaigns.</p> Recognizing some special 10-year-olds <p> <strong>KUDOS:</strong> Praising positives in our community</p> <p> Elizabethtown Blue win Cal Ripken West Kentucky State Title.The 10-year old All-Stars of the Elizabethtown Area Baseball Commission brought home a state championship title recently, paving their way once again into the Ohio Valley Regional Tournament.</p> Challenges mark Edwards' tenure <p> <strong>ISSUE:</strong> Change of command at Fort Knox<br /> <strong>OUR VIEW:</strong> Garrison noted for excellence</p> <p> One week after Fort Knox learned that its sole combat brigade would be deactivated, Col. T.J. Edwards arrived as the new garrison commander.</p> <p> His plate was full from day one.</p>