en History Museum honors the past <p> <strong>ISSUE: </strong>History Museum gala and movie premiere<strong><br /> OUR VIEW: </strong>Shining a positive spotlight on region</p> Nov. 25, 2015: Our readers write <p> <u><strong>Marco Rubio avoids some details of past</strong></u></p> <p> Marco Rubio has been successful in avoiding the &ldquo;L&rdquo; word during the four Republican debates.</p> Find your path to Thanksgiving <p> <strong>KUDOS: Praising positives in our community</strong></p> Radcliff restores videotape records <p> <strong>ISSUE:</strong> Radcliff dispute over council meeting tapes<br /> <strong>OUR VIEW:</strong> Atmosphere of distrust documented</p> Trying to practice thankfulness <p> Thanksgiving has come to mean many things. Pilgrim stories, turkey dinners, family gatherings, football and the Macy&rsquo;s Parade.</p> Work, patience are paying off <p> <strong>ISSUE:</strong> Radcliff&#39;s economic development progress<br /> <strong>OUR VIEW:</strong> Success is built upon efforts of many</p> Is it possible to be a united Kentucky? <p> <strong>ISSUE:</strong> Putting aside political labels in Frankfort<br /> <strong>OUR VIEW:</strong> Overcoming bickering to move ahead</p> Nov. 24, 2015: Our readers write <p> <u><strong>Questioning media coverage</strong></u></p>