Jim and Deb Weise of Elizabethtown celebrated their 50th anniversary Aug. 1, 2020.

They were married Aug. 1, 1970, in Norfolk, Virginia.

Recently they were joined for a few days by their two adult children, Craig Weise and Alison Courtney Santonicola.

Alison and her husband Steve reside in Vienna, Virginia, and have three children. Alison worked in DC for three congressmen, then for the State Department and was the deputy chief of staff for the Peace Corps under President George W. Bush. She presently works for the Department of Agriculture.

Craig, like Jim, is a UVA Law graduate and serves as the CEO of the New Zealand Green Investment Finance Bank. Craig and his wife, Lisa, reside in Waikanae, New Zealand, and have four children.

Jim is a retired Army lawyer.

A larger celebration with friends will be planned after the corona virus is over.