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CONFERENCE CALLING for Your Business Now you can conduct a conference call with our On Demand Conferencing Service. With Basic Conferencing – you dial a designated number. Then you’re prompted for the unique 5 digit PIN # of your choice. The conference proceeds until the last caller hangs up. With the Web Portal Option – you get an accurate account of what was said during a call. You can listen to the conference call or download the recorded conference to your computer for a permanent record. The Web Portal Option also allows the Conference Administrator to control background noise, volume levels and even carry on a private conversation with any of the attendees during the conference. On Demand Conferencing is great for Non Profits, Co-ops, Municipalities, Religious Organizations, Governmental Agencies & Sales Meetings. BRANDENBURG TELECOM CALL 270-982-4466 FOR MORE INFORMATION! BBTel offers Free WiFi Access at all customer parking lots of our offices and Cecilia Ball Park. Just look for the Hotspot sign – that’s where the signal is strongest!