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There’s some serious going on in What would you do if you pulled up next to a taxi at the light at Mulberry and Dixie, and a monkey waved to you from the back seat? What would you do if you encountered an accident at North Miles and College, and the street was covered in blue candy marshmallow bunnies? Could this really happen in E’town? Read local author GAIL JOHNSON’S newest release: DON’T LET THE MONKEY DRIVE THE TAXI! REVIEWS: Author, Author – I expected it to be funny – but I was surprised that it was also entirely engaging and kept me intrigued until the end. InD’tale Magazine – This novel has everything from broken promises to costumed robberies, a monkey, and even a love triangle. Cassie’s energy is contagious, and the fun customers she meets only serve to add to the drama that unfolds in the most hilarious of ways. The author’s mystery of the stolen taxi within the story will keep the reader entertained until the very end. Adding in a love story built to last, and the personal growth seen within Cassie, only serves to make this book even better. Delightful and fun from start to finish! Go to for more information.