Curbside PIckup and Delivery

Kenny Henderson of Elizabethtown has devoted nearly five decades to edu­cation, with 20 years as a teacher and coach and 29 years as a principal. Now in retirement, Henderson has found a new subject to teach: the history of high school basketball in Kentucky.

Some say they were born to shop, but I believe my wife was born to travel. She’s always ready for a road trip and being married to her I have become a world traveler.

Gov. Andy Beshear recently updated the status of an executive order he issued in December which restored voting rights to convicted felons who have served their sentences. Through the update, an online database recently was unveiled for users to determine if they qualify under the executive order.

Whether it’s through local athletics or through his church, Danny Payne of Elizabethtown spends nearly all of his free time working to better the lives of local youth.

Brandan Roten stands outside of Rock and Rogers Service Center, where he works in Hodgenville. He’s believed to be the first male member of an American Legion Auxiliary in Kentucky.

David Ricks of Elizabeth­town served in the U.S. Army for more than 22 years. Along the way, he said he acquired discipline, determination and interpersonal skills.

Some leaders appear very busy but never seem to accomplish much, while other leaders don’t appear busy at all yet seem to accomplish significantly more than their busier counterparts. How is it possible to be less busy and, at the end of the day, still actually get more done?