More than 1,950 undergraduate students have qualified for the Fall 2019 College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s List at the University of Kentucky. Among the students honored are:

BRANDENBURG. Jacob Beavin, majoring in political science; Felicity Shirkey, majoring in geological sciences; Chloe Stroud, majoring in biology; and Carla Bravo, majoring in international studies.

EASTVIEW. Maria Blackstone, majoring in political science.

ELIZABETHTOWN. Evan Brown, majoring in mathematical economics; Taylor Senay, majoring in biology; Joseph Crocker, majoring in mathematical economics; Elizabeth Winebarger, majoring in geological sciences; William Becherer, majoring in psychology; Parker Bowman, majoring in political science; Cierra Garcia, majoring in political science; Robert Meek, majoring in biology; Hunter Kielty, majoring in political science; Sela Bailey, majoring in political science; Arianna Conner, majoring in international studies; Rachelanne Knoll, majoring in environmental and sustainability studies; Tyler Durbin, majoring in biology; Brennan Schaefer, majoring in foreign languages and international economics; Zhane Surley, majoring in psychology; Victoria Campbell, majoring in writing, rhetoric, and digital studies; Chantell Coefield, majoring in political science; Alexandra Collins, majoring in chemistry; Nizhoni McDarment, majoring in political science; and Mohammed Zainuddin, majoring in chemistry.

HODGENVILLE. LaNina Jones, majoring in English; Peyton Murray, majoring in environmental and sustainability studies; and Zachary Beickman, majoring in biology.

LEITCHFIELD. Rebecca Higdon, majoring in neuroscience; Alayna Johnston, majoring in psychology; Jack White, majoring in anthropology; and Seth Elmore, majoring in history.

MULDRAUGH. Sydney Adkisson, majoring in psychology.

NEW HAVEN. Dylan Covington, majoring in English; and Ashley Cornelius, majoring in gender and women’s studies.

RADCLIFF. Vivian Jeffries, majoring in psychology; Tyler Butler, majoring in modern and classical language, literature and cultures; Tatianna Timberlake, majoring in psychology; and Jeimarie Morales, majoring in political science.

RINEYVILLE. Joshua Wagner, majoring in mathematics; and Elizabeth Croghan, majoring in biology.

VINE GROVE. Keith Fowler, majoring in political science; Elizabeth Butts, majoring in psychology; Andrew Corder, majoring in political science; Daniel Herrada, majoring in neuroscience; and Linda Omali, majoring in chemistry.

Students on the dean’s list earned 12 or more credit hours as letter grades with a minimum 3.60 GPA for the semester. These high-achieving students have put in the time and effort needed to meet the academic requirements for the dean’s list and demonstrated a commitment to learning.