Grinch popcorn

Grinch popcorn is a festive treat to accompany viewing of your favorite Dr. Seuss Christmas program.

Thanksgiving has passed so it’s time to think about Christmas treats.

With more time at home, you might need some fun things to do at home. You can’t go wrong with a Grinch night. There are three versions, my favorite is the original. The newest cartoon is pretty cute as well and the dog in it reminds me of my mom’s dog Fred.

While watching one of the movies or reading the book, there are a variety of activities you can do and treats you can make. A quick search on Google can help you find crafts to make, pages to color or games to play.

Same is true of snacks. Grinch punch made from lime sherbet could be fun. You also can make a variety of treats colored Grinchy green.

Cookies can be made green with a candy heart in the corner, for the Grinch’s small and growing heart.

Another fun treat is Grinch popcorn.

I found a fun recipe but have a few additions to it.

First, I would double or triple the amount of green marshmallow sauce to coat the popcorn. It’s a sticky sauce and doesn’t spread easily so it may not coat the popcorn well. To alleviate that, make plenty to coat the popcorn.

My pick-up order gave me regular M&M’s instead of the Christmas version so I didn’t have a lot of red ones to use in the popcorn. Use more red to represent the Grinch’s heart.

Along with mini-marshmallows, I also added little green decorative candies that I had in the cabinet that were Grinch green.

You can mix the food colors to get the right green but I’ve also found that the neon green gel food coloring can create a good Grinch green.

The result is a great Grinch-themed treat you can snack on while watching your favorite version of the classic story.

This is something you can do for most Christmas movies that have been around for many years. The internet is filled with activity and snack ideas for Rudolph, Frosty, Santa and a giant goofy elf if you need to find something to go with your favorite flick.

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