Averie Housh, 15, has grown up in the classroom — her mom, Larri Housh is a teacher.

“I know how much time tea­chers put into their work and I like helping them to give them a break,” Housh said.

She’s known to help out tea­chers in their classrooms, even when she’s on summer break.

“I laminate and cut out the items, wipe desks down, make copies, rearrange the rooms and help to get them organized,” she said.

Along with volunteer work in the classroom, she also helps with Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland.

“I grew up with the mindset that if you are able to give back then you should do so,” she said, adding she attended St. James Catholic Church and went to school at St. James. “Sister Michael Marie always instilled in us that we should always use our time, talent and treasure.”

Helping others, she said, makes her feel better about herself.

Elizabethtown High School teacher Don Pitts called Housh a “respectful and giving young lady.”

“I had her run some errands for me early in the year, last school year. Like I often do with teacher’s kids, but she seemed to really enjoy doing anything she could to help out,” Pitts said. “If I was in a tight spot and needed a copy made or anything like that, I just had to get in touch with her and she’d always come through”

He said he noticed she held the same attitude toawrd her classmates.

“She is helpful to other students which is great to see in our underclassmen here at EHS,” Pitts said. “She is also active in several extracurricular activities while also being a solid student.”

Housh is a sophomore at Elizabethtown High School and said she’s learned things from going to school in a pandemic.

“I have learned how to be more organized and how to communicate better with my teachers so I can get the most out of my education,” she said. “These skills will help me in my daily lifestyle as well as my future by making me more responsible and becoming a better self advocate.”

Flexibility in life, she said, will help her be more successful.

“We have all had to learn how to be more flexible through this situation,” she said.

Housh is involved in a variety of sports including competitive cheer, school cheer, tennis, track and volleyball. She previously also played golf.

“I have grown up in the gym and been around cheer all my life,” she said. “My older sister cheered and I have always loved competing and learning new skills.”

Her mom is her high school cheer coach and Housh said she’s had some coaches who have helped push her past her limits and make new goals.

“I am excited that I will be competing with Central Kentucky Athletics’ All-Star program and school rec program this year as well as continuing to cheer for EHS,” she said. “Being a member of CKA is important to me because I can build my skills on the mat.”

She said she also works at CKA. “I am learning how to utilize different teaching styles with each group of kids and I am improving my leadership skills by teaching the mechanics and techniques in new and different ways,” she said.

She’s played tennis for three years and looks forward to improving her skills each time she’s on the court.

Volleyball, she said, is a new sport she’s picking up this year. She’s practiced with the team and said they are supportive and helpful. Another new sport for her is track.

“I enjoy running because it helps to clear my mind and keep me in shape for my other sports,” she said.

Like everything else, COVID-19 has caused some issues with sports.

“COVID 19 has been difficult to get through especially for those that have had their sports interrupted,” she said. “Sadly I feel we will not have the football season we have been hoping for but during this downtime we have had an opportunity to better ourselves individually.”

She thinks the cheer competition will be pushed to the spring instead of this winter. She said the team is waiting for KHSAA to give updates and guidelines.

During the COVID break, she’s been working out daily to build her strength and endurance through yoga, circuit training, ball control drills, jump and tumbling drills and cardio as well as working on her flexibility, she said.

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