Elizabethtown Community and Technical College’s Career and Professional Development Services Office offers the College Central Network resource and online job board.

The college’s online job board is open to students, alumni and community members at no cost. Anyone interested can access it at collegecentral.com/elizabethtown

“ECTC is committed to connecting hiring managers with our emerging talent. The online job board is a great tool for everyone to use at no cost. It makes it easy for us to support jobseekers as they showcase their relevant skills and experiences by providing assistance on resumes or career portfolios as they are uploaded in our system,’’ said Kali Buchanan, Program Coordinator of Career Services

Here’s what some students think:

“I enjoyed building my profile and was even able to upload my own resume to the job board. The career resource board is such a great tool to have to find potential job options in my area, and it allows those jobs to find the best candidate for their open positions as well. It doesn’t hurt to at least create a profile, upload your resume, see upcoming career events, and see if you match an employer’s requirements for a better job,” said Bailey Sutliff, pre-nursing major

“ECTC’s Online Job Board is a great resource that gives students a greater opportunity to get into their specific job fields. Employers will know that you are fit for the job because they can directly see that you are studying or graduated from their career program. I believe everyone should partake in the opportunity so they can try to receive a job that is exactly what they are searching for,” said Destinea Holcomb, medical information technology–administration track.

STUDENTS/JOBSEEKERS: College Central makes it possible to search exclusive job listings, easily create and upload a resume, ECTC will review it and provide feedback, using the resume-building feature, build and forward career portfolios to employers, keep informed about Career Center announcements, register for career events, download career advice documents and podcasts and view and apply to jobs on the nation’s larger entry-level job board.

HIRING MANAGERS: Employers can register a free account and immediately begin posting jobs to our school, recruit a well-trained workforce by searching our school’s exclusive resumes for qualified candidates, match internships or employment opportunities with our students and alumni and become an employer of choice within our college and community.

Kali Buchanan is coordinator of career services at Elizabethtown Community and Technical College.