Entrepreneurship is not a pursuit lost on Generation Z, and Max Moore of Elizabethtown is living proof. Though he is only 18, Moore already has operated his own business for over a year.

Moore started local lawn care business Yard Barbers while he was a junior at Central Hardin High School. He said after working maintenance at the Elizabethtown Sports Park when he was 15, he had the desire to try doing similar work on his own.

“I like the idea of having my own thing and I’ve always liked working outside,” he said.

When Moore received his high school diploma earlier this year, he also received his associate of arts degree due to his involvement in the Academy Program at the Hardin County Schools Early College and Career Center. He said though he initially planned on attending a university after graduation, he has since decided to dedicate his time and money toward his business.

“I just went ahead and finished strong and got my associate’s just in case,” he said.

Yard Barbers offers a full spectrum of lawn care services, including mowing, tree and bush trimming, mulching and gutter cleaning. Moore typically serves clients in Hardin County but he said he sometimes works with clients in Louisville with his father.

Moore said he particularly enjoys the satisfaction of serving his older clientele.

“They’ve always had a vision for how they wanted their yard but they can’t anymore because they’re getting too old,” he said. “I always want to try to make them happy when they look out at their yard.”

In addition to offering lawn care services, Moore also offers clients certain handyman services such as building, staining and repair services for decks and fences. He said these services have kept him busy in the colder months when lawn care services aren’t needed.

“If I can do all that stuff, then surely I can stay busy all the time,” he said.

Moore balances his work at Yard Barbers with a position at Knight’s Mechanical in Cecilia. Working with the business since March, Moore does HVAC commercial instillation with Knight’s Mechanical.

“When you go into a field like that, it’s a whole different world of learning how to do things,” he said. “It’s just stuff that you can’t really learn anywhere else, so I’ve gotten a lot of knowledge there. Whether or not I stay there or keep doing my own business, it’s given me tons of knowledge that will stick with me forever.”

Though Moore sometimes receives help from friends, he said his business is primarily a solo endeavor. He estimates that he works somewhere between 70 and 75 hours a week.

Looking toward the future of his business, Moore said he hopes to soon begin hiring a few employees. However, he said he’d like to continue playing a hands-on role in the business regardless.

“As long as I can keep being successful and stay happy with what I’m doing, that’s kind of my goal,” he said.

Andrew Critchelow can be reached at 270-505-1413 or acritchelow@thenewsenterprise.com.

Andrew Critchelow can be reached at 270-505-1413 or acritchelow@thenewsenterprise.com.