Curbside PIckup and Delivery

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Times certainly have changed over the last few months. People are adjusting and finding ways to make positives out of seemingly hard times. For the very first time in history, iconic events have been canceled and many people are at a loss of how to handle the situations.

After being retired for four years, Cynthia Perkins, 60, step­ped back into the classroom to fill in and found herself teaching during a pandemic. From Horse Cave, Perkins taught in Hardin County for about 34 years. This past semester, she returned to teach art at West Hardin Middle School.

Earlier this month, Jessica Hundley of Elizabethtown posted a video on social media honoring local seniors graduating amid statewide school closures. To honor them, Hundley relied on a personal stand-by: Karen Kingsbury’s illustrated book “Let Me Hold You Longer.”

Central Hardin High School staff member Kristina Covington-Jones has gone from star to mentor on the basketball court. An Elizabethtown High School graduate, Covington-Jones helped lead the Lady Panthers and the Western Kentucky University Lady Toppers team through many notable victories and…

While much of the world is shut down, some in the mental health field, like Tracy Wathen of Elizabethtown, are one of part of the workforce that remains on call.

So far the slide down 2020 has been a human-sized cheese grater rather than a smooth surface. Two months ago, I had no idea what COVID-19 was and what repercussions it could bring. Now, it’s almost all any of us can think about and I long for that blissful ignorance. I might technically have…

The first line of credit for Debby Jacobs of Rineyville was for a sewing machine in 1973, a prized possession she still owns today. Lately, this machine has been used to help local residents stay safe amid COVID-19.

Families around the county are currently doing school work at home. Brandy New, 41, had a hand in making that possible.