A new thrift shop has opened its doors in Elizabethtown.

Central Valley Feed the Homeless, which was started in 2017 by Central Avenue Baptist Church and Valley Creek Baptist Church to help fill in when the homeless could not be fed, opened a thrift shop earlier this month at 824 Hawkins Drive.

According to the ministry’s newly created Facebook page, its mission “is to fulfill the teaching of God, feed the homeless and others who are in need.”

Team Leader Carolyn Culver said the ministry is about helping to move people forward to self sufficiency. They look to assist with many life challenges people may face, such as having clothes, finding jobs, and providing transportation. They also offer a food pantry and a program to help with utilities.

“We try to do what Jesus said in Matthew,” she said, referencing Matthew 25. “Feed them and clothe them and try to support them as best we can.”

Culver said they want to try to help people get back on their feet, realizing at the same time that some people are doing the very best they can.

“We just want to do what we believe God wants done,” she said. “Our main goal ... is to help the less fortunate. I was told by God to do several things. The one thing He never told me to do is judge these people. That will have to be left to Him. We’ll just continue to try to do what we think we’re supposed to do.”

The proceeds the ministry takes in from the thrift shop will assist them in continuing that mission.

“The amazing thing is how much we’ve been given. There is a lot of stuff in here,” she said while standing behind the register inside the thrift shop. “We’ve really been blessed.”

In terms of donations, Culver said they accept pretty much anything as long as it is something someone else could use. She said what they can’t or don’t use, will be passed on to another nonprofit.

Culver said the thrift shop’s prices are very reasonable, noting clothing is the biggest item that they sell.

Tentative hours for the thrift shop are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thursday through Saturday. Culver said those times may change. She also said they will periodically post items on Facebook as they come in.

For information about the ministry, to volunteer or to donate, contact Culver at 270-401-1230 or culver0917@gmail.com.

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