HCS Superintendent Teresa Morgan and Sara Jo Best of the Lincoln Trail District Health Department respond to news Friday of a local student contracting COVID-19.

In addition to encouragement regarding social distancing and other guidelines issued by Gov. Andy Beshear, Morgan specifically addresses concerns about the school impacted by the announcement. She said the student did not exhibit any symptoms of the coronavirus prior to present discontinuation of school March 12.

Her statement also says: "Even before we knew of this diagnosis, we had started an even stronger cleaning regiment at all of our schools and on our school buses. These tasks included the disinfecting of buses after each route was complete, disinfecting of cafeteria tables after every use, students washing their hands with soap and water, wiping down and handrails and doorknobs with even more frequency and the disinfecting of classrooms, restrooms, computer labs, media centers and other common areas."

This video was provided by HCEC-TV, a service of the school district.