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Uncle Spoony’s Sports Bar & Kitchen in Bardstown is reopening its doors for inside dining beginning today following months of closure for renovations and staffing.

Are you certain that your planter is ready to go this spring? Planter issues account for the majority of uneven emergence in corn. Studies have shown that you can have a 5 to 6% yield loss because corn plants don’t emerge uniformly.

Money-flipping cons have long been popular on Instagram and Twitter. But as TikTok’s popularity grows, con artists move in. Watch out for this scam, which promises to turn a few hundred dollars’ worth of cryptocurrency into thousands in no time at all.

A retired minister and his wife had never owned a house. They had spent all their married lives living in housing provided by churches. At age 65, they bought a house and financed it for 15 years. They had been frugal and had saved a good down payment. They paid for the house by age 80. The …

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Despite the increase in revolving debt carriers, Americans’ favorite credit card perk has nothing to do with their APRs. Cash back is the most-favored credit card feature, far above low APR, wide acceptance, travel perks and a slew of other features.

Like the start of a roller coaster, the real estate market spent most of 2020 and 2021 climbing to exciting heights. The increased value within the housing market combined with historic low-interest rates created a sense of euphoria. This was a perfect storm to create an endless supply of buyers.

Sixty-six% of Americans were planning on making a financial New Year’s resolution for 2023, according to a recent survey from The Ascent, a Motley Fool service. With inflation at a 40-year high, short-term goals are top of mind for many Kentucky families this year.

Americans are applying to start new businesses at a record rate, according to the White House, up about 30% compared to before the pandemic. In addition, a recent Bank of America survey of more than 1,300 small business owners found that 66% believed their revenue will increase in 2023, whil…

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Well, folks ,after 32 years of writing these weekly columns, this will be my last one as your Hardin County Extension Agent for Agriculture and Natural Resources.

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After nearly 62 years in publication, the Royalty family announced the end publication for The Sentinel, the family-owned and operated newspaper in Radcliff.

The U.S. housing market continued to sag in October as the impact of higher mortgage rates and concerns over the economy rattled buyers and sellers. Prices fell 0.5% from September, the fourth consecutive monthly decline for a seasonally adjusted measure of home prices in 20 large cities, ac…

As 2022 started, it felt like more of the same for America’s working mothers: a third year of COVID-19 illnesses, disruptions and quarantines that left them barely juggling the balance of running a household while holding down a job.