E’town woman accused of stealing from elderly men


Employed to help the elderly with life responsibilities, an Eliza­bethtown woman has been charged with improperly using bank account cards of men she was hired to assist.

Dawn Desiree Brown, 35, faces four felony charges. She was arrested Wednesday night following a Ken­tucky State Police investigation.

According to police, she used clients’ bank cards to help make her car payments, pay cellphone bills and have her nails done.

According to an arrest citation, Har­din County Adult Pro­tec­tive Services contacted Post 4 after PNC Bank reported what it believed were “suspicious activities” on an account.

The arrest report said Brown “freely admitted” to authorities to using the cards. She is accused of making more than $35,000 worth of improper purchases.

On one bank card account, the “fraudulent/suspicious activity” amounted to $25,602.72. The other account was believed to have been for more than $10,000, the citation read.

According to the citation, Brown told investigators she frequently “had to pay expenses out of her own pocket” for their care and that she then would use the cards to be reimbursed for those expenses.

Brown is charged with two counts of knowingly exploiting adults of more than $300; fraudulent use of a credit card of more than $10,000; and theft by deception including cold checks of $10,000 or more.

All of the charges are Class C felonies punishable by five to 10 years in prison, if convicted.

Brown is being held in lieu of a $25,000 cash bond in the Hardin County Detention Cen­ter. She is scheduled to appear in court at 9 a.m. Sept. 28.

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Dawn Brown is a terrible person she has bought stuff on credit from me, and lied to me told me that the stuff was stolen and she did not want to pay for it! she has lied , went on trips all over and still never paid her agreed bill with me, I could not for the life of me see how she was taking care of people well now that I have found here I will be getting her served with paperwork so I can resolve my situation with her....I guess she really " could not afford it " Plain and simple she is a thief and a Liar. I hope she get 500 years in Prison for doing this to helpless people that trusted her.

I worked with this woman to when I was cna she was a mean person through out my employment with Signture healthcare of Elizabethtown and she WAS NOT NICE by all means I hope she faces the maximum punishment for these crimes

I worked for Dawn Brown from
Monday May 14 to June 9th at $12.00 an hour with total hours of 116.30 equaling $1495.60 and she never paid me anything she asked me to get things for these men so I did and she would pay me back I never got anything back and I never got paid I defended her to so many people who said she is not going to pay me or do the right thing she borrowed 7 jackets from me and I never received them back she wanted to buy a Paul Mitchell straightener for her daughter for a concert her daughter was in and she never paid me for it she lied to me so much we were friends before all of this because her son and my son were good friends and they still are the guys I was paid to take care of I really cared about them and told one of them I will always be here to help him when he needed me and he told me he felt like she was stealing from him and she’s just using him for his monthly check and he also told me that I was his best friend and not to ever leave, that’s when I started looking into what she was doing I had no clue of what she was doing until she and I had a disagreement about me getting paid I wanted my pay and she didn’t want to pay me it’s such a horrible thing when you know someone who does this to a man that fought for us and cared about so many others he is such a great person and she didn’t deserve him in her life. His daughter got him a cellphone so she could talk to him and she wouldn’t allow him to have it, I know because I offered to help with him a phone and she said he doesn’t need one because he may call the police or someone important and not realize what he’s doing, when this man was not in a bad state of mind he was smart sweet and learning to walk better with my help she just didn’t want him to get her into trouble now I see and I hate that I didn’t see this sooner I really hope she gets what she deserves and I hope he is doing good and is happy. I’m also going to be taking action for what she owes me because I spent an extreme amount of hours working for her and away from my family, and she shouldn’t be allowed to do this to anyone else

This is a shame. She’s a sweet person but def a liar and manipulator. she told me about her business caring for the elderly. I couldn’t picture her being a business owner. Figured it was another lie. Lol. To hear about this is sad. She’s not smart at all to pull off something this deceitful. Easy case for the prosecution. Taking trips and living a lavish lifestyle off the expense of elderly men is ridiculous. Posting bible scriptures on her fb and she out forging checks and using their credit cards smh. She’s to stupid to realize that banks pick up on transactions exceeding certain amounts esp if it’s transactions at nail salons and large out of state purchases. Dummy!! [yawn][yawn]

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