A recently christened nonprofit will be holding a fundraiser later this month to benefit a children’s camp offering opportunities for Gold Star Children.

Southern Red’s BBW & Catering will be hosting a fundraiser for Walking Humbly Outdoor Adventures, a four-day camp that teaches children to hunt, said Micah Seavers, the nonprofit’s president. The breakfast will be from 6 to 9 a.m. CDT Saturday with all proceeds going to Walking Humbly.

Gold Star Children are those who had a parent killed in war while serving the country. This being the second year holding this particular event for them, Seavers said it’s “pretty moving” to see the kids.

“They’ve had a lot go on in their lives, and to be honest with you, it’s only a little thing we try to give back, you know, as a thank you to the parents that have given so much, and kind of just a memory builder for those kids,” he said.

The camp is scheduled Oct. 6-10. Although WHOA has operated for years to benefit children, particularly those from military families, this will be the second year.

The six-day camp is more than just a simple hunting lesson, Seavers said. On Saturday and Sunday, each child will be paired with a “mentor” who will go out with them on a hunt, as well as teach them how to clean the deer afterwards.

The kids also establish new friendships and connections. Seavers recalled two separate families that were particularly affected in the past.

One mother whose son had never shot a deer before had made friends and even went out to hunt on his own. The mother had said the experience did more for her son than any psychiatrist had before, Seavers said.

From another family, the camp helped establish a bond between a man and his stepchild, whose biological father had died overseas.

“A lot goes on at camp. It’s more than just hunting, you know,” Seavers said. “It’s a lot about these kids being able to have people, and being able to have new friends and everything, and make connections. It’s a pretty good thing.”

Participants will receive a free .243 caliber CVA rifle. The children will go through a “safety day” to make sure they understand the weapon and what is expected of them, Christina Dixon, the official fundraising and donation liaison, said. The adult mentors also will help them with hunting and handling.

If a Gold Star kid wants to participate, their parent or guardian should send an email to walkinghumblyoutdooradventures@gmail.com. A registration form will be sent back for them to fill out. Once it’s been submitted, all they have to do is attend. Walk Humbly pays for their gas, lodging and food.

“We got it all set up to where they don’t have to do anything except come and just enjoy themselves,” Seavers said.

While they try to have around 20 children for the event, he hopes that future growth would help them support even more. Although, if he’s asked if he can handle more, he would “figure it out.”

About 85% of WHOA’s donations come from outside of Kentucky. However, now that the group has achieved nonprofit status, more avenues for funding have opened to them.

Dixon said the official designation through the IRS allows them to apply for grants and allows companies to take donations off their taxes.

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