North Hardin Christian School is changing the way it teaches its approximately 500 students this upcoming school year.

The private school in Radcliff will begin teaching students in a classical education style, a three-pronged teaching approach with roots in Middle Ages where students learn about grammar, logic and rhetoric depending on their grade level.

Paige Hardin, pastor at Fellowship Baptist Church which sponsors North Hardin Christian School, said the institution decided to implement the addition after seeing a need in the school’s graduates.

“Our country is so divided,” he said. “We want our kids to be equipped to face these challenges. I’m not sure personally how much parents really are prepared for their child to step into a university.”

Hardin said the educational style aims to promote critical thinking.

“The goal of the classical (education style) is to encourage a better understanding, not just testing and grades, but to promote understanding,” he said.

The process begins at the elementary level, where students will begin to take Latin courses.

“It is the foundation of many languages. It is a part of your medical, your engineering world, and plus the process of studying Latin literally helps to train the brain,” Hardin said.

In the middle school years, students will learn about honing their logic skills.

“As we teach them how to reason and use logic, think about the many pieces and parts of their life that will influence, especially at that young age,” he said.

The students then round off their education about learning rhetoric in their high school years, which focus on relating to others and debate.

“Kids, the relationships they have are the relationships that they have in their home and how they’re related to their parents, their siblings, and then they step out of their home and step into a different environment, i.e. school, and the question is now, ‘How will you learn how to relate to other people?’” he said.

School faculty will be going through classical education training next week. The classical style of teaching is different from other educational styles, Hardin said.

“It really just adds to the classroom rather than a kid sitting there and taking notes,” he said.

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Ridiculous, how about preparing them for the act, sat, or other entrance tests. Let parents be the ones that decide what is best for their child. Do your job and teach and and stop the over reach.

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