E’town couple hopes for hole-in-one with new business

An artist rendering of a mini-golf course to be finished by March in Elizabethtown.

An Elizabethtown couple has plans to open a miniature golf course by March.

The idea for the course came about when Stuart and Rene Sullivan traveled with their 9-year-old son, Clay, Rene said.

“Any time we traveled, and the city we traveled to had a mini-golf course, that would be the very first activity he would want to do,” Rene said. “We then began to think how awesome it would be if there was a mini-golf course in Elizabethtown at which he could play instead of it being something we only did on vacation.”

The idea took off from there.

They purchased a vacant lot at 1030 Exe­cutive Drive in Eliza­beth­town along a railroad track. This lot is across from the tourism building near the restaurants and hotels off Interstate 65.

The plan is to call the course Heartland Mini Golf.

“We have been working with and have met with a company who has built approximately 800 mini golf courses across the world,” she said. “We were able to tour several courses that they have built and picked out several features that we love and we are certain that it will be amazing.”

The plan is to have 18 holes at first with room to build more later. Construction is planned to begin in a few weeks, Rene said.

“We believe that a good quality course like the one that we have chosen to build will bring people back time and again to the course,” she said.

The course will also ice cream and the Sullivan’s wants to obtain an alcohol license.

The location, Rene said, works to allow visitors to eat out and have a night out of mini golf.

She said mini-golf is something both adults and children enjoy and provides outdoor entertainment for parents and kids to do together.

“In these trying times when we are all trying to stay safe through the COVID-19 pandemic, this is something that is naturally socially distanced and in fresh air,” she said. “We are so happy and excited to provide our county, surrounding counties and the many kids who come to Elizabethtown to enjoy the sports park and Bluegrass Sportsplex, with an activity suited to all ages and to the times in which we are living.”

Becca Owsley can be reached at 270-505-1740 or bowsley@thenewsenterprise.com.

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This sounds like a wonderful idea and prayers for it to be successful. But... is alcohol really necessary? There is a great need for family fun and entertainment around here... but when you add alcohol into the mix, it can turn even the nicest, well-meaning people into people acting like fools and being rude... all infront of children and families just wanting to have good, clean fun. There are plenty of restaurants/bars for people to drink at, or do it safely at home. Do you really want the added liability insurance expense, not to mention possible lawsuits when your patrons have too much to drink and drive themselves or (God forbid) their children home? Please reconsider serving alcohol. Thank you.

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