The annual Frymire weather prediction is call­ing for more than 50 inches of snow and a cold start to January for Central Ken­tucky this winter.

The winter weather prediction has been popular for decades. The prediction is named for Irvington resident Dick Frymire, who used a Japanese maple tree and a formula built around it to predict winter weather for the coming year. Fry­mire died in 2013, but his fam­ily continues his legacy.

J.L. Frymire, Dick Fry­mire’s son, declined to give out his secret but said he reads the leaves from a sapling of the original Japanese maple tree.

“It’s not like palm reading or anything like that,” he said. “There’s a science to it.”

This year’s winter prediction is calling for the temperature to drop to 32 degrees Fahrenheit on Nov. 14, followed by sleet Nov. 19 and an inch of snowfall Nov. 26. From Dec. 15 to Dec. 30, 18 inches of snow is expected to fall in the region, most notably 9 inches of snow on Christmas Eve.

“It’s odd that this year I did have a white Christ­mas predicted because I usually don’t have that,” Frymire said. “Neither did he [my father]. But we do this year.”

The beginning of Jan­u­ary starts with frigid temperatures, with 9 de­grees Jan. 1 and -2 Jan. 6 before the cold surge ends Jan. 13. From Jan. 14 to 20, the prediction calls for 20 inches of snow.

Cold temperatures accompany the beginning of February with 14 degrees on the first day. On Valentine’s Day, 5 inches of wet snow will fall, followed by flurries Feb. 17 and 3 inches of snow and wind Feb. 20.

The last snowstorm is predicted to dump four inches March 15. Finally, the first robin will appear March 23.

Frymire said the predictions aren’t always accurate.

“I won’t hit all of those, but you try to get it within two or three days,” he said.

Frymire said it was com­mon for people to post his father’s predictions on their fridges as winter months approached. His father also appeared on local television broadcasts and national shows including “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”

“Folklore is big in the South and Southeast,” Fry­mire said. “People love it.”

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