Elizabethtown Mayor Jeff Gregory has been appointed by the Kentucky League of Cities to join Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s newly formed task force to examine how police departments get and execute search warrants.

The Attorney General’s Search Warrant Task Force will review both the role law enforcement plays in protecting public safety and the personal protections guaranteed in the U.S. and Kentucky Constitutions, according to a release from Cameron’s office. A representative of the Attorney General’s Office will chair the group.

“I am honored to represent the Kentucky League of Cities on Attorney General Cameron’s newly formed Search Warrant Task Force. I applaud the Attorney General for his willingness to bring together a diverse group of professionals in multiple disciplines of law enforcement, government and the civilian sector to discuss the possibilities of improvement,” said Gregory, who is a retired state trooper.

“In an ever-changing world, it’s important from time to time to review laws, policy and procedure, tactics and best practices in any respective line of work,” he added. “I look forward to the opportunity to participate in some great discussion with a great group of dedicated leaders and public servants.”

Along with one person appointed by the KLC, the task force will comprise of:

• Two representatives of the Kentucky Court of Justice appointed by the chief justice of the Supreme Court of Kentucky

• The chairmen of the Judiciary Committees of the Ken­tucky House of Rep­re­sen­tatives and the Kentucky Senate.

• One person appointed by the Fraternal Order of Police of Kentucky.

• One person appointed by the Kentucky Sheriff’s Association.

• One person appointed by the Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police.

• The commissioner of the Kentucky State Police or his designee.

• One person appointed by the Kentucky Common­wealth’s Attorneys’ Association.

• One person appointed by the Kentucky County Attorney’s Association.

• The public advocate or his designee.

• One person appointed by the Kentucky Association of Counties.

• One person appointed by the Kentucky Conference of the NAACP.

• The commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training or his designee.

• Three citizens representing the commonwealth at large appointed by the attorney general.

The news release said creation of the task force fulfills a promise made by Cameron following the shooting of Breonna Taylor last year.

“We’ve assembled a group representing every aspect of the search warrant process to conduct a top to bottom review and provide recommendations,” Cameron stated in the release. “Our goal is to establish Kentucky as a national model for how search warrants should be pursued and executed.”

No meeting dates have been set, but the task force should conclude its work by year’s end.

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