Lincoln Center development to feature restaurants, retail

A new retail complex on Dixie Highway is expected to open soon. There are 16 store fronts available at Lincoln Center.

A new 30,000-square retail center spread over two buildings has about half of its store fronts leased, owner Chris McGehee said.

Lincoln Center, located near Culver’s restaurant on Dixie Highway in Elizabethtown, will feature restaurants, retail and medical professionals.

“There will be a variety of businesses there,” said McGehee, a Brandenburg native. “We’re trying to have an upscale building and to be practical in our rent. It has a nice modern look.”

The first building near Dixie is 16,000 square feet.

Ed Hawkins of Hawkins Engineering, project manager for Lincoln Center, said there is hope of landing an anchor restaurant at the front of the building. He expects if that were to happen, they would take up 4,000 square feet of the building.

McGehee said various businesses have either signed leases or are close to signing a lease to locate or re-locate to Lincoln Center.

He declined to announce who had committed to set up shop there.

He did say businesses such as restaurants, hair and nail salons, a tobacco shop and chiropractor office are among the businesses expected to open at Lincoln Center, which features 16 store fronts.

The second structure is 14,000 square feet, Hawk­ins said, and is broken into four 2,000-square foot locations and four 1,500-­square foot locations.

“We’ve used two different kinds of brick and some stone and copper lighting,” McGehee said. “The islands in the parking area will be dressed up, we’ll have some flowers. It will have an upscale and modern look.”

McGehee said the final “finishing touches” are being put in at Lincoln Center and then some businesses will move in.

“We have several restaurants that have committed,” he said.

The two buildings that are built are part of a five-building commercial group that McGehee has that will wrap around from Dixie to Ring Road, he said.

“Once we get these filled up, we’ll go to work on the others,” he said. “We’ll put it together in phases.”

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