Local child illustrates a lesson in giving

Eli Westerfield, right, sits with Helping Hand of Hope Executive Director Hope Burke. He is holding the $125 donation he made from his chores and Christmas money.

On Tuesday, Eli Westerfield of Elizabethtown showed up at Helping Hand of Hope.

Eli, 6, a kindergarten student at Cecilia Valley Elementary School, was there to help others with money he had earned and received.

Helping Hand Executive Director Hope Burke said she was excited to meet him when she was told he was there.

“It reminds me that no matter the age we can still be the hands and feet of Christ this side of Heaven,” Burke said. “To know that his parents have taught him to think of others shows one, they are doing an amazing job and two, that even in the hardest times look for the helpers and the ones that want to help.”

Eli’s mom, Brooke Westerfield, said he had saved up his money from his allowance he gets for doing chores and money he got for Christmas.

Westerfield said she’s always known that children are aware of more needs than adults realize.

“Eli has always been kind and thought of others but when the tornadoes hit Kentucky recently it really hit home with him,” she said. “That is when he decided he wanted to save his money and donate it those in need and so that is exactly what he did.”

Eli said he wanted the money, $125, to go for buying food for those who don’t have it.

“He has always had a heart bigger than himself,” Westerfield said. “He has always put others before himself and he truly cares about everyone.”

Eli said he was proud to make the donation and hopes someone is able to eat because of the gift he gave.

He’s already planning to save his money for another donation.

“When he left I came back to my office and just cried because we all know it’s been a hard few years and so many days they are overwhelming because of how much we see people struggling,” Burke said. “It touched my heart to see sweet Eli and to know even on those hard days we truly are all in this together and will get through it together no matter how hard the times get.”

To make a donation to Helping Hand of Hope, go to www.helpinghandofhope.com, call 270-769-3092 or visit their office at 6796 South Wilson Road in Elizabethtown.

Becca Owsley can be reached at 270-505-1416 bowsley@thenewsenterprise.com.

Becca Owsley can be reached at 270-505-1416 bowsley@thenewsenterprise.com.

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