Elizabethtown residents in the future will see a slight change in traffic configuration at multiple intersections as mini-roundabouts are installed throughout the city.

Kentucky Trans­por­tation Cabinet District 4 spokesman Chris Jessie said several mini-­roundabouts have been installed in northern Ken­tucky – in the New­port area – as an effective way to improve safety and traffic efficiency.

“They are becoming more utilized across the U.S. and Kentucky is increasing implementation,” he said.

In Elizabethtown, Jessie said there are “several projects in the pipeline.” Two mini-roundabouts are ready for construction, while five others currently are in the process of right-of-way acquisition.

“They are all safety-driven improvements based on crash history as part of the Highway Safety Improvement Program. Because of this, they are federally funded safety improvements,” Jessie said. “There is no matching city or state money on these projects. The work is a joint venture with the city, state and Federal Highways.”

The city and program staff worked together to secure federal funds, Jessie said. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is administering the project contracts.

The two projects currently ready for construction are along Main Street at the intersections of Poplar Street and Crutcher Street. Jessie said they should have an announcement on the awarding of that contract very soon. He said the project proposal for these two calls for completion this summer.

Jessie said the transportation cabinet met with city officials, as well as representatives of the Brown-Pusey House, last summer to make sure their concerns were noted.

The five future projects are:

• Executive Drive at Commerce Drive

• Dolphin Drive at Josale Drive

• Poplar Street at Sycamore Street

• Poplar Street at Mantle Avenue

• Woodland Drive at Laymen Lane

Jessie said project contracts for these five locations will come over the next year with additional locations being surveyed and developed.

“While ones to come in Elizabethtown are mini-roundabouts and smaller in space, roundabouts – in general – are commonly very well received once motorists adapt to the familiarity of the curve. The Rineyville roundabout from about 12 years ago is a perfect example of implementation,” Jessie said.

Mary Alford can be reached at 270-505-1417 or malford@thenewsenterprise.com.

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