More road improvements are on the horizon for Hardin County and transportation officials want motorists to keep in mind that they are designed with safety in mind.

The area will see 10 new roundabouts constructed within the next year and a half, with one affecting the intersection of New Glendale Road and the 31W Bypass in Elizabethtown that has seen an increase in congestion since the building of East Hardin Middle School, said Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District 4 spokesman Chris Jessie.

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I'm not thrilled about some of these, but the one installed in Rineyville a few years ago turned out to be fantastic. It totally eliminated the backup on 1600 that happened every weekday during the afternoon "rush hour".


Please stop with the roundabouts. They are not actual roundabouts, they’re not large enough to be. They’re not large enough for traffic to go through easily. They are not necessary. They are ridiculous. How do we stop these horrible things? Ugh.


I've never spoken to a single person that thinks these roundy/rounds are good ideas. They're about as practical as a screen door on a submarine. As far as New Glendale Road and the 31W Bypass goes....I would bet folding money, that those of us that use that intersection daily would prefer a traffic light or even a 4-way stop. Also a traffic light will be less expensive that all the work that would be needed to put this thing in. In the ones we have...I don't see people looking they just buzz on not sure how they're safer than a light or a 4-way stop.


They are definitely not safe. They’re much more of a hazard to drivers.


The round abouts On main are a joke anyone with a large full size truck can’t get around so most of us just drive over them

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