Organ Donor registry eyes a big year for donors

The Kentucky Circuit Clerks’ Trust For Life, while celebrating more names being added to the Kentucky Organ Donor registry, hopes that even more sign on this year.

Almost 60,000 names were added to the Kentucky Organ Donor registry in 2020, a news release said, adding more than 64 percent of Ken­tucky residents are registered organ donors.

According to reports, Lor­etta Crady, Hardin County Circuit Court Clerk, said from Jan. 1 to Nov. 30 2020, 320 Kentuckians received organ transplants. That number includes five children.

“Joining the Organ Donor Registry only takes a moment of time to sign up and provides so much hope to patients on the transplant waiting list,” Crady said.

She said someone is much more likely to need an organ transplant than to be a donor.

“If someone I loved needed an organ transplant, I would hope that others would be willing to help my loved one,” she said. “I am registered to ensure that I can help others when I’m gone.”

Jewish Hospital in Louis­ville is the closest transplant hospital to Hardin County and it performed 117 transplants last year, she said.

Registering to be an organ donor doesn’t take a lot of time, she said.

“But means everything to people on the waiting list,” she said.

Along with registering during a driver’s license renewal, there are a few ways to register right from your own home. One is a simple as going to to sign up or go to the Apple Health app and register as an organ donor.

“Then, many, many years from now, if you pass away in a way in which you could be a donor this moment you took today will provide someone with the gift of life,” Crady said. “You will be a hero, a miracle-worker — you will save and heal lives.”

According to a news release, Hardin County registered 1,959 residents to the Kentucky Organ Donor Registry in 2020 and raised $4,126 for public education and awareness.

The county also supported the Satterwhite Patient Assistance Fund, a grant program that assists Kentucky transplant recipients financially.

Crady said 2020 emphasized the value of life.

“Despite difficult circumstances, Hardin County has proven that hope is priceless,” she said. “By registering as an organ donor you are providing hope to our community.”

Becca Owsley can be reached at 270-505-1740 or

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