The Envision Eliza­beth­town 2040 comprehensive plan is getting closer to com­pletion.

The Eliza­beth­town Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee had its fifth and final meeting Wednesday evening in the Plum Alley Venue at The State Theater in Elizabethtown.

Amy Williams, a certified planner with Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group, who the city hired to facilitate the planning process, which has included several methods of community engagement, briefly went over a few components of the document. Among the components are an action plan and the recommended land use plan.

Within the plan are four themes: sustainable growth, strong legacy, healthy lifestyles and active commerce. Each of those are broken down into goals, which then are broken down into objectives and recommendations/action steps.

A few of the objectives include: address declining commercial areas prime for mixed-use development, such as Towne Mall and south side; provide aesthetic enhancements along Eliza­beth­town’s major corridors, gateways, and downtown that reinforce the city’s character; work with the industrial foundation to identify and acquire sufficient land for future industrial development; and support and maintain a diverse economic industry mix that will expand the existing economic base, provide high-quality job opportunities, and enhance the quality of life for residents.

Williams, during the meeting, said committee members have been sent the draft document of the comprehensive plan.

“I think it’s a tremendous document,” committee member and city councilman Terry Ship said, noting the E’town Planning Commission has been asking the city to update its comprehensive plan for years.

Eliza­beth­town has not fully updated and rewritten its comprehensive plan since 2004.

Work began in May 2019 on the Envision Eliza­beth­town 2040 Com­pre­hensive Plan. It’s purpose is to articulate a vision for the future of the city and identify long-range goals and objectives related to var­ious community ele­ments such as land use, tran­s­portation, utility, in­fra­structure, economic de­ve­lop­ment, quality of life, housing and parks.

Planning Com­mis­sion and committee mem­ber Steve Rice applauded Williams and her colleagues on their work so far on the document.

“I think it covers all the things that are going to help us to grow our city in the next 20 years,” he said.

Shipp called the comprehensive plan the kind of document a person needs to print and put in a binder and keep off the shelf. He said it’s something that every month they need to go through as a reminder of the city’s vision and goals.

“We need to look at it every month and see how we’re doing, otherwise it is all for not,” he said. “I plan on printing it. I plan on putting it in a planner. I plan on getting more familiar with it because there is so much information.”

Williams agreed, saying “however you do it, it needs to be looked it.”

Moving forward, Williams said there will be a second joint meeting with the Eliza­beth­town Planning Commission and Eliza­beth­town City Council for any further edits.

The steering committee was put together by Mayor Jeff Gregory and is comprised of resi­dents from various backgrounds. The members include Rice, Charlie Bryant, John Lanz, Sheldon Lackey, Daniel London, Juston Pate, Kelli Bush, Maurice Young, Danny Percell, Marty Gaddie, Jonnie McPeek, Diana Moore, Saima Nasir and Shipp.

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And what were those “several methods of community involvement”. Or was it just the same old click of people making decisions for the rest of us. Living downtown for 53 years, I have never seen or heard from any of these individuals.

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