William Buckles, a farmer and resident of Glendale, said he thought his cattle were in the field next to his house when he looked outside Sunday morning.

But it turned out to be tin.

“It’s a mess out here. That goes with it, I think,” Buckles said.

After the storm Sat­ur­day night, Buckles’ farm property on Mud Splash Road saw damage that included the near de­struc­tion of his tin roof on the large barn.

Buckles said he has been operating the property and farm for about 20 years and has about 79 acres. The buildings on the farm are about 50 years old.

Buckles said he was watching a game on television in his home that evening but did not notice anything wrong.

Linda Buckles, William’s wife, said she heard a loud noise that “shook everything.”

“I was looking for my phone to see if there was a tornado warning. I was getting ready to go to the basement and all of a sudden it stopped,” Linda said. “It didn’t last long.”

The roof of his barn is what experienced the most damage. A good majority of the tin roof was peeled back from the wind.

Pieces of the roof lay on the ground, on the intact parts of the roof and in the middle of nearby fields.

He said one of them even landed in his backyard.

“It had to be in the air,” William said. “It picked it up and took it. And it’s about 50 feet from my house.”

No tornado was reported in the area Saturday. According to the National Weather Service, wind gusts peaked at 49 mph with almost two inches of rain throughout the day in Hardin County.

The Fujita Scale, which helps measure the strength of tornadoes, states the weakest tornado on the scale has wind speeds between 40 and 73 mph.

William also has some damage to another barn on his property where the beams had flew out from the ground and then back down.

He said as far as he can tell, no one was hurt and his equipment and cattle were unharmed, but is not sure what exactly to do from here.

“I think somebody’s house would have been torn up. We were very fortunate,” Linda said of the damage.

Hardin County Emergency Management Director Bryce Shumate said he had not heard of much damage from the storm other than a utility pole snapping along U.S. 31W in Glendale and some trees falling in the Valley Creek area.

Andrew Harp can be reached at 270-505-1747 or aharp@thenewsenterprise.com.

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