At 42 feet tall, including the star, the erected artificial Christmas tree at Severns Valley Baptist Church in Elizabethtown is potentially the largest decorated tree in Hardin County.

In comparison, the city of Elizabethtown’s real tree is roughly 22 feet tall.

Severns’ tree, which volunteers constructed this week, has more than 300 branches and more than 1,000 ornaments placed on it.

Linda Luckett and several other volunteers worked Monday and half of Tuesday getting the branches fluffed and ready to be assembled.

“We put Christmas music on as we’re fluffing the boughs and get to know each other. Everybody just jumps in and whatever needs to get done gets done,” she said.

Luckett and others also were out Thursday helping with assembly.

Among the other volunteers were Jason, Lydia and Noah Rogers. Lydia Rogers said this is their first year to assist with the tree. She said Noah is homeschooled so they made this their project in the community and with their church.

“I enjoy serving our church in any way that we can and especially teaching him (Noah) how to serve others ... to have a servant’s heart,” she said.

Aside from preparing branches, volunteer Gary Cardin said there is a lot of prep work, including electrical work and testing all the lights, that goes into setting up the tree.

This is the third year they’ve assembled the large tree at Severns. Luckett said several people enjoy the festive tree with many families stopping to take pictures next to it.

“We just really wanted to be an outreach to the community,” Luckett said.

The lighting of the tree at Severns is Nov. 29. Other details have not yet been set. For updates, check out the Severns Valley Baptist Church website or Facebook page.

Details are also still pending for the lighting of the city of Elizabethtown tree in Walker Square. The city’s tree was cut from the Elizabethtown Police Department lot.

“It’s huge and it is beautiful,” said Amy Inman of city public relations. A city crew, dependent upon weather, will be downtown decorating the tree early Saturday morning.

Inman touted all the city departments who are working together to help make the holidays a little merrier for Elizabethtown residents.

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