A dozen or so children gathered around Lori Timbers on the Emerald Cathedral Amphitheater stage to hear the Greenspace board member read through several children’s books during Tales on Trails.

Timbers introduced the event that connects books and nature in June. It’s something she wanted to start last year, but with COVID-19, like so many other things, it shut them down.

The dates held this year, which were in June and July, were a way for them to get their feet wet with the outdoor program.

“It’s gone wonderful, I think,” she said. “I think the parents and the kids have enjoyed it. It’s a program that I hope Greenspace will build on long after me.”

Susan Turner brought her great-grandchildren, Carson Downs, 3, and Emilee Downs, 5, each week Tales on Trails was held. She learned about it through the newspaper.

“It’s a wonderful setting. She does a good job,” Turner said.

Carson, who enjoys being in nature, said he liked the “frogs.” Turner said he likes looking around and exploring. One week, as part of Tales on Trails, a scavenger hunt was held. Turner said Carson also found some snails then.

“They like the stories too that she reads,” she said.

Elaine Harper and her daughter, Braelyn Harper, 6, also have attended each date of the program. Elaine said she found out about the program through Facebook.

Braelyn said she likes going because she gets to read books.

“It’s just very nice. One time we had a scavenger hunt, that was fun,” Elaine said.

Turner and Harper said they’d be back if Tales on Trails was offered again. Timbers said she hopes to expand the program next year and maybe offer some pop-up events — maybe even have one on a Saturday.

Timbers encouraged people to follow Greenspace’s Facebook page for updates.

Mary Alford can be reached at 270-505-1417 or malford@thenewsenterprise.com.

Mary Alford can be reached at 270-505-1417 or malford@thenewsenterprise.com

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